Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Grind continued....

Hello Everybody! This week has been a little crazy with exchanges and everything.
But here is my fun story from the week:
     As we were leaving the church on Friday night at like 8:45 we hear this person yelling, but we don't really register it at all. We get in our car and start driving out of the parking garage. I decide to role my window down because it's super hot in the car and I'm dying because I hate the heat. We pull out and this guy is yelling at us and flags us down. I stop the car and he's like "When is the church open?" And I was like, "Oh, mostly just on Sundays." "Ok what time, I've been trying to find a church and I just live down the street, am I allowed to come."....... So you know, Sometimes miracles come out of no where....
     I also got the joy of Driving around all day Thursday. We were on exchange and I had to chauffeur missionaries between baptismal interviews and doctors appointments because we were the only ones available and have a car.... Joy... So I spent all of Thursday cruising around West New York and Paterson. Paterson is a lovely city, needless to say we decided to get McDonald's 2 miles away instead of the one right in front of us because... you know.... Paterson.
      Hope you all have a wonderful day, I miss ya'll so very much.... Oh and Today is the beginning of the so titled by missionaries "6 Months to Sexy" Meaning that I only have six months to get myself together so I don't go home looking like a fatty.....
 Missionary Lunch after Service at the Dog Shelter

 When you realize you have to buy all the snickers because they all describe how you Feel.

 I've Self titled it.... the "Meatwich", or Ultimate "Manwich". Cousin to "The Heartbreaker"

 After Game photo of our Chair Quidditch Game....
 And Finally a Time Lapse of the Game:

Thursday, April 27, 2017


Hello Everybody! I don't have a ton of time to write this week but there is something specific that I'd like to highlight! Community Service!!!

So right now Me and Elder Layton have the opportunity to be part of 2 different services. We help out at a local Animal shelter with the Dogs and then we also help out with a nature park clean up every week in Teaneck.
This last Saturday though, we got the opportunity as all of zone 2 and 3 (about 45 missionaries) to go help clean up a riverside park on Earth Day! It was super fun and we got to help out a lot. I got to dig out an old tire, three foam pads, a carpet, and much much more. We as a whole found 12ish syringe needles (gross right). We cleaned up a ton and helped out a lot.
Now to talk about service, if you back home aren't finding an opportunity to serve the community in some way for at least an hour or 2 a month you are dumb, fix that. Service has become one of the more delightful things to experience on the mission. To help others and expect nothing in return! Go do Service!

The Grind.....4-17-17

  So unfortunately we are in a finding phase of the work, which
means a lot of knocking doors and doing anything to find people to
     To help out with that we Zone leaders get to go in exchange with
all the elders in our zone. How they want doing these exchanges is by
bringing both of the Elders into our own area so we can show them what
we are doing. This is called "Double Working". Original I know. So
anyways we went on two of such exchanges this week. I got the
privilege to spend a day with Elder Jean-Baptiste from Haiti in which
I learned all the important things to know in Haitian Creole. Now I'm
not going to bother Write them in Creole because that's super
difficult, but I learned "He's chill/ chillin, I'm cold, I'm hot(and
to be careful with that one because it has a bad connotation...), I'm
hungry, I'm thirsty, and Dude. I was informed that these are the
important things to know in Creole by a real Haitian so I guess I'm
      And then I got to go on exchange with Elder Aybar from the
Dominican Republic, but also technically from Orem, UT because he
moved there at his junior year of High school. That was a funny
exchange. Though we spent most of it trying to find people.
     OH and Happy Easter everyone!!!
We got to go eat dinner at Mamma D's house for Easter dinner and it
was awesome. It was a party. A ton of the hood kids in the area were
there so it was Elder Layton and I, and a whole bunch of Thugs. Quite
entertaining and the good was amazing but it wrecked my companion...
The food wasn't very healthy to say the least.....

                      Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                  New Jersey Morristown Mission
video video

So....ya.... 4/10/17

Hello everybody.
I'm going to give you my deepest apologies but I'm really lazy today
and have no motivation to try and remember this last week. (Please see
video below.)
I love you all, and thankyou for your support and love and kindness and stuff...
Email me if you want to know more. πŸ™‚πŸ™ƒπŸ˜‰πŸ˜΄πŸ˜΄πŸ˜΄πŸ˜΄

                      Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                  New Jersey Morristown Mission


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The End of our Reign

     Today is the last day of the Transfer... and we got the dreaded
call last night. Elder Peterson's reign as a Zone Leader and time as
my companion has come to an end.... all good things must come to an
end. He will be sorely missed and he is being banished to the south
end of the mission. 😒
     This week was weird. Between stressing about certain things
happening with our investigators and stressing about transfers and
what's gonna happen we are beat! We haven't slept at all. So it's been
kinda rough.
     But despite it all! We had Conference! WooHoooooo it's like the
Super Bowl for missionaries! Their were a ton of talks that spoke to
me but I literally can't think of them right now. The thing I do want
to highlight is that I noticed several talks that seemed to focus on
the Investigators of the church. Reaching out to nonmembers!
      Sorry for the short email.... instead I'm going to give a
tribute to my bond with Elder Peterson.
                      Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                  New Jersey Morristown Mission

Friday, March 31, 2017

The Realities of Life

Good Morning Everybody!
      This week I don't have much to write about but I do want to
focus on a few highlights.
Wednesday was super interesting because we had to loan our car to some
other missionaries so they could go to a meeting in Morristown. We
used it as an opportunity to go out with some of the missionaries in
our zone! So Elder Peterson and I split up and did trios with other
sets of missionaries.
     I was with Elder Holmes and Draper all day up in Soldier Hill and
that was an experience. I'd never expect to find two people who are
exactly the same as each other being companions. But they were! 'Twas
quite entertaining.
     We also got to go on exchange with the APs Wildman and Follett.
It was a super funny exchange! We did a table stand trying to hand out
the Book of Mormon to people on a Main Street in Elizabeth. It got
really weird because this old Spanish guy kept coming up to me and
telling me dirty jokes. It was really annoying when I was trying to
talk to other people! Luckily the bus finally came and he left.
     Lastly I want to highlight a story I heard. I can't tell details
but there is this man that we are working with who told us his story
and the things that he has been through. I came to two realizations
from the unbelievable hard life he has lived. My problems are nothing
and that I've had the easiest life in the whole stinkin world, and how
important just one good influence on a child's life could do. This man
by the time he was 16 had done everything you can imagine from Jail
time, fugitive status, all the drugs and everything that comes with
that, and much, much more.
     Understand that your problems are small in the eternities.
                               D&C 121
7 My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine
afflictions shall be but a small moment;
8 And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou
shalt triumph over all thy foes.
9 Thy friends do stand by thee, and they shall hail thee again with
warm hearts and friendly hands.

                      Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                  New Jersey Morristown Mission

We've gotten so tired we've resulted to rolling around.


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Snow Day! And some Early Morning Justice....

Guten Morgen meine Fruende!
     This week was weird but not at the same time! Everything feels
like it's slowing down here in Englewood. We've unfortunately baptized
all our investigators.... so we are having to switch gears to find
more people to teach. Which is a struggle because me and Elder
Peterson spent some time analyzing different types of missionaries and
we fall under the classification of "Closers" not "Finders" but I
guess it's a chance to grow right?
     Last Tuesday was rough! It was a "Big Snowstorm" so everything
got shut down and we were told we couldn't use our car. Which is
annoying because we don't have shovels and nowhere to go, so it felt
like a very unproductive day.
     So the big thing this week was Planning! Elder Peterson and I put
in a ton of time planning ways to find new people, Planning for the
people we are teaching, planning for future trainings we have to give,
and planning on ways we can best help our Zone. Hours upon hours. We
decided that one of our strengths is that when we sit down to plan
something we don't stop until it is all figured out, however insane we
get do to exhaustion.
     Now for the Justice. One of the District leaders in our zone,
Elder Spencer, doesn't have a car. So on p day and for all meetings we
drive him and his companion around. This last week he has jokingly
complained that we are always late to picking them up on p day
(Hardly, "A wizard is never late".....) And that p day is not a day to
chill. So he asked for us to show up earlier....... He didn't know
what he was asking for. So we made a plan, and committed to it. It was
a stretch for us, it required sacrifice. But the Justice was worth it.
 We set our alarm for 5 o'clock in the morning.
We found out a way to break into their apartment.
We snuck in at 6:27 and waited until their alarm went off.
Stormed into their room screaming.
And this morning, justice was served.


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Ultimate Team Up

  Hello all my weekly followers! This week was a solid mixture of
hectic to halted. One day we are running around late to everything and
the next we have so little going on we don't even know where to begin.
      So To Begin! On Tuesday we had interviews with president! Which
if you remember at all from the last 2 transfers, that means me and my
companion get to sit in the same room for 6 hours doing the same
training 5 times over and over. (Is that what Highschool teachers feel
like?) .....Going on....  and then after all the interviews President
Taggart wanted to come out as a team up with us for the whole night!
That is like a once in a mission opportunity. Not that many
missionaries get to do that. So of course we scrambled to get all of
our investigators scheduled so the Faith bomb of Pres. Taggart could
be there. It was absolutely awesome to have him there teaching with
us. Quite interesting to see the mission President out of the meetings
and trainings world. So ya, the most ultimate team up ever.
      The rest of the week was just the usual of teaching lessons and
takin names. We did have Zone Conference which me and Elder Peterson
Trained at. We got the opportunity to give a super powerful training
on the Doctrine of the Gospel of Christ.
      I also got to go with Elder Spencer down in West New York on
exchange! That was an awesome experience. We taught this one
investigator who they were at a roadblock with. After delving in we
found out her problems and talked about Alma 7 and how Christ feels
and understands everything we go through. The spirit was super strong
and she cried through most of the lesson. She said the closing prayer
in Spanish so I didn't understand a good chunk of it but it was so
absolutely obvious that she was genuine, and that she was pouring out
her soul to God. Repentance is real people!
       Other then that the usual. We got a killer storm coming up on
Tuesday, looks like it's gonna be a blast!

                      Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                  New Jersey Morristown Mission
New York City
Elder Spencer and Myself in front of New York City
Elder Peterson and myself's perfect weekly planning set up.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Look! Something Happened

So.... this week was full of surprises!
   To preface... Miracles happen and people can be truly prepared...
So on Wednesday we go to teach this investigator Janet.... she's super
cool... anyways... We met her when the Spanish Sisters referred her to
us a few weeks ago but we weren't able to talk much when we first met.
We had scheduling conflicts and couldn't meet for 2 weeks. And then we
finally met on Wednesday. Now here is where things get crazy. We
started teaching her and learned she had been taught everything before
in Massachusetts and also by the spanish sisters here. Things were
different this time. After teaching the first vision it really hit
her. Any of the hold backs she had before were gone. We mentioned
baptism and she was all for it.
   And then she told us she wanted to do it this Sunday.
Holy Flip! We were freaking out but we couldn't deny the spirit that
was there. We told her that it was totally possible but we had to make
a couple calls to make sure. We called President Taggart to get
permission and our Bishop to get his thoughts. Everyone was
onboard(Though very Hesitant) as long as we got her introduced to as
many members as possible over the next 4 days.
   So we started planning like crazy! We saw her Wednesday,
Thursday(For 2 1/2 hours), Friday(For 2 hours), and Saturday for an
hour and then got her interviewed. We pounded out all the things that
she needed to know and understand and it all lined up! So many
miracles happened to make this baptism work down to even her having a
towel at the baptismal service. Holy Stinkin ridiculousness!
   Another Miracle is that we had a ton of people show up to church!
Englewood is Exploding!
   Funny story of the week. When the baptism happened they forgot to
pull the plug in the font.... pictures and videos provided.


Miracle Investigator! And Stake Conference!

 We had a pretty great week!
We got a ton of missionary work done! And we found an awesome new
person to teach! Full of several coincidences that led up to us
meeting her on the street! She was super interested in learning more!
And she even came to Stake Conference which was an hour away which is
a stinkin miracle that she made it with all that happened surrounding
it. I'm super sorry but I don't have a lot of time to send this right
now so this is all you get! Sorry!

Live long and prosper! Amen.

                      Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                  New Jersey Morristown Mission

Here is two really cool Jeeps I saw!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

It's My Birthday and Great videos!

    Hello everybody! Thank you so much for all the happy birthday
wishes! It made my day on Wednesday! Especially because I was in a
sour mood and wanted to kill everyone. You kept people in New Jersey
alive so good job!
   We had a busy and stressful week with transfers coming up. We found
out that our area was getting split in half and another set of Elders
was going to come in so it was really frustrating trying to figure all
that stuff out. We got some awesome new investigators though!
    We found a family in Hackensack that is super cool. Their kids are
really interested in learning and have tons of questions! Another one
of the investigators is a mom that the Spanish sisters gave to us! She
is super cool and has learned from the missionaries awhile ago. And
then finally we had a young woman who met missionaries in Newark who
lives in our area so we were able to talk to her and schedule a sit
down! I don't know what we're doing to be blessed!!!
   We also ended up giving two really spiritual blessings to
nonmembers which was a surprise!
A big plus for the week too, is that our zone hit our Baptismal goal
yesterday of seven! That's really great because this zone has
struggled with that in the past and we still have another weeks worth
of baptisms coming up! We are killin it!
    Me and my companion made a video as a reward for our zone...
you'll find it below...

                      Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                  New Jersey Morristown Mission
The final picture is our camera stand for filming.....


Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Hello everybody!
This week was eventful!
    Forgive me for lack of details because I can barely remember
anything anymore. Probably because I'm starting to become an aged old
man in the mission.
Our investigator got confirmed! So he is now a member of the Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Pretty cool, I know.
    It snowed a ton on Thursday but we had our service planned at the
animal shelter. We showed up and nobody else came besides the actual
workers so they were super happy we came! Every freaks out over snow
here in New Jersey! So I supply this video below to tell them all to
chill out.
    I got to go on Exchange with Elder Combs the young missionary! He
is super cool and companions with the one person I'm grabbing when red
dawn happens, Elder Miller. They are super funny guys!
    We went on Exchange with the Assistants to the President this week
too! That was an experience. We did a table stand on a Main Street in
Elizabeth and talked to a ton of people! We got the information of a
ton of people who were interested in hearing more about the Book of
Mormon! So that was pretty cool!
    Experience of the week though.... I got to participate in the
Baptism of the Spanish sisters investigator! She's the lady that me
and Elder Trask found a couple months ago and they asked me to Baptize
her! It was super cool. I also had to do it in Spanish which made it
interesting. The font at our church is weird too so we can never get
it to be even remotely warm. So all these Spanish people were freakin
out because it was so cold and I was like "Room temperature? This
feels great!"
Anyways sorry for the lack of content, I'm busy, and I can barely
remember this week.
You guys are great and thank you so much for everything!
Oh and Happy Birthday to myself on Wednesday.🀘😜


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

30 hrs of meetings and Home Sweet Home.....

Hullo Everybody! This week was really rough on the exhaustion scale....
        30 Hours of meetings all together can be really painful starting with
District meeting and a special training, Stake Coordination, Giving
Trainings at Interviews, Mission Leader Council, and all the driving
and planning that went into all of those... I want to die. But it's
all good and necessary and enlightening.
        Other Random information, WE FINALLY GOT BACK INTO OUR APARTMENT! It
was honestly such a drag to be in another apartment. I can't tell you
why, but it was different and uncomfortable. For some reason we just
couldn't settle over there and it didn't help that we stayed there a
whole week longer then we were expecting to. It's good to be home.
        So this week was super good.
Story of the Week!!!
        So we got into contact with this investigator that I had taught a
couple months ago. And we met at their work! It was kind of awkward
and loud and me and Elder Peterson didn't know what we were gonna do
about it because you can't expect to feel the spirit when a Spanish
Soccer game is blaring in the background. We go into the lesson
anyways and start talking to them about the importance of Baptism and
the Authority of the priesthood. It really hit them and told us that
we should all set a goal to work for. Specifically a Baptismal Date!
Super cool. So we decide we should pray to confirm the day that they
had chosen (Because it was pretty far out) and Elder Peterson and I
were concerned as to how far away it was. We asked her to pray and
the second she starts praying she starts crying and the spirit hit
like a slap to the face.... We wanted a date closer to now but the
spirit was all for the day She had chosen. It was a testimony builder
for myself that sometimes you aren't going to get answers you want and
that you're gonna just have to be patient. She was full of emotion
after the prayer and it was such a spiritual moment....
        Then Yesterday we had a Baptism!!! It was so cool and the spirit was
definitely there... I still feel bad because the Font is super weird
at this church so we can't get the water to be warm, so the guy
getting baptized was obviously super cold.... but either way he was
super happy afterwards and told us he felt different!
        So after a slow week full of meetings we finished off strong with a
super spiritual experience and helping another one of God's Children
to the waters of Baptism!
I'll call it a success.

Until Next Time my Dear Compadres!

                      Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                  New Jersey Morristown Mission


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

1-30-17 Evicted........

So, we got kicked out of our apartment this week.... I told Elder
Peterson we weren't allowed to play with fire in the apartment but he
didn't listen....

Just kidding... maybe.
    Last week our landlord left a note on our door talking about how
they are doing repairs to the apartment complex and we'll have to be
out of our apartment for a couple days. He also stated that he would
let us know before the repairs start so we can pack up and leave. Cool
whatever, that's fine, we'll figure it out. And then last Monday he
comes in and tells us we need to be out by Tuesday night and that the
repairs will take at least a week. Awesome, great, that makes things
wonderful! Luckily there was an empty church owned apartment int the
south end of our area so we had to emergency pack up and gun it over
there! So that was a fun event for the week!
    There have been some blessings of being in that new apartment
though..... because we found a skateboard.... videos provided below.
    Me and Elder Peterson are killin it here in Englewood! We are
teaching tons of peeps and having a blast. I also haven't had so many
intellectual conversations with someone since I was back at home, best
companionship ever!
    We also got to eat Korean food twice this week! And we aren't even
Korean missionaries in the slightest!
    I got to go on exchange with Elder Draper. He is a brand new
missionary! In fact I was his first exchange ever. I feel sorry for
him, I set such a high standard. No exchange will ever live up to it.
But he is super cool. From Springville Utah and is super excited to be
out here doing missionary work. I'm really glad we have a bunch of
young fiery missionaries here to lead the charge! Keeps me going.
    Random cool thing that's come up. So an investigator that the
Spanish sisters are teaching is gonna get baptized in 2 weeks. She is
someone that me and Elder Trask actually found and only got into her
house because I started speaking in Dominican Spanish slang. And they
asked if I would do the Baptism! So I'm not even a Spanish missionary
but I am going to baptize someone in Spanish! Super cool and I'm
absolutely and utterly humble about it.
    So miracle story that happened last night.... Right before we were
gonna go to the Raddatz house for dinner(they are my people) we had a
few extra minutes so we decided we were gonna stop by Sister Schroeder
because we didn't know her very well. So we knock on her door and she
opens it and immediately starts yelling at how much of a miracle it is
that we show up at that time. So we go inside and her nieces are there
and apparently one of them was going through a really tough time
because of anxiety and stress stuff. So Sis. Schroeder asked us to
give her a blessing and immediately the spirit fills the room. We
proceeded to give her a blessing and it really hit! It was such a cool
experience and we referred them to the missionaries over in Sparta.
Miracles happen.

                      Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                  New Jersey Morristown Mission
I call this concoction the "Heartbreaker"



1-23-17 Blessings!!!

Hello my loyal Monday followers!
How Y'all doin?
      Anyways! This week has been awesome missionary work wise. We
have been blessed. Who ever is doing the extra praying for Englewood
please keep it up because it is working! We have had 3 investigators
just be handed to us this last week that are all super sweet and want
to be Baptized.... we have 9 people progressing to be baptized in the
coming weeks... which is a ludicrous number by the way. Not about the
numbers of course, but it's just crazy! The good times are coming in
for Englewood. Elder Peterson and I have been freakin out! God's
Kingdom is ready to grow here!
      One of our investigators in particular is a really interesting
and no coincidence situation. We taught a young lady yesterday who had
recently had a Baby, which completely turned her life around. She
didn't grow up with much religion in her life but she knew it was
important. How we met her was that she ran into other missionaries in
Paterson. In fact it was Elder Trask my old companion. But anyways we
get her information and we saw her yesterday. Afterwards Elder
Peterson was freaking out because a lady he had taught and baptized
back in Cedar Lakes, his last area was in the exact same situation
when he met her. Apparently this lady we are teaching said almost the
exact same stuff, is in the exact same situation. It was super cool. I
would love to tell you more but you know... privacy and stuff. Kinda
important. 😜
      We also got to go to Zone Conference which was super sweet but
also sucked... a lot. Super sweet because we got to learn a lot and we
also gave one of the trainings because we are awesomely superior,
pridefully amazing, and perfectly humble Zone Leaders. It sucked
because both me and my companion were pretty sick, and fasting for an
investigator on top of it all. So we had no energy, I had an explosive
headache and we were totally scatter brained. So it was a pretty great
      All in all it was a pretty great week!
Thankyou all for you support and adoration. Keep on keepin on!

To explain the pictures. First picture is of the best lunch I've ever
made on my mission. If you ever want to know how Elders eat in our
apartments... There you go.
Second picture... last P-day Elder Peterson and I organized a Zone
Ninja bracket match championship. And Sister Dean from up in New City
took the win. Yes, I was beat by a sister.

1-16-17 Comp Untiy, New Missionaries, and Korean Food

  Good Morning everybody! I Hope all is well in thine own abodes!
        This week was pretty awesome. Starting off with a lesson in Korean
food and the lack of love thereof from myself. I can see the appeal,
but I don't like it.
        We had some awesome lessons this week and have been working with some
cool people. Lately we started teaching a lady who moved from Haiti
several years back that was taught by missionaries there. We had a
super spiritual moment with her when she expressed her sorrow for not
trying to find the missionaries here in America sooner. She promptly
set a date to be baptized so the future is looking good!
        We also have a few other people that we are working with that are
progressing towards baptism which is super sweet! This ward needs it
        Because of all the different ethnicities here in Englewood area I'm
learning how to say Hi in several languages. Creole, Korean, Spanish,
Patua(Jamaican), French.... the List goes on, but it's sweet.
        My new companion and I, Elder Peterson, are getting along Swimmingly!
I think I mentioned it last week but we were already best buds before
from when he was my Zone Leader In Clinton. We do super well together
but can get pretty distracted sometimes because we talk and care about
a lot of the same stuff... super funny let me just tell ya.
        So... all the missionaries in this Zone are super young now. Our
whole zone got switched around and it's all missionaries that have
been out for only 6 months and they are all training brand new
missionaries.... in District meeting this last week I got really
freaked out.... I looked around and realized that I have been on my
Mission for at least 5 months more then any of the missionaries there.
It was an old moment, and I'm not even that old in the Mission!
        Because the zone is so young and full of trainees me and Elder
Peterson have spent a ton of time brainstorming on how we can unify
this zone. How we can make it a family. To motivate people, to make
sure they feel loved, and to deter homesickness in the new
missionaries. So that's one of our main focuses as our Zone Leadership
goes this transfer.... updates to come.
                Sidenote.... Another missionary was convinced he could teach me how
to do a backflip......... My neck as been sore for a solid week

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Transfers and the Best Day!

  Hello my dear Subjects from the far off lands!
We had a super awesome week! And it finally snowed for real! And
someone wrecked my car!
    This week was super good. We had a ton of lessons and did a ton of
work. It was really funny early on in the week because me and Elder
Trask had to give a training to the whole zone on Influence and we
were trying to find a fun way to keep everyone's attention. So we came
up with a short skit! There are a lot of inside jokes in it but it's
goofy and lame enough to show everyone, the video is provided below.
    After that we got to go in Exchanges with the Assistants. I got to
go hang out in Elizabeth for a day with Elder Wildman. It was super
cool. Elder Wildman is a spiritual powerhouse. He taught me a lot
about how to feel the spirit and he is a great example of a
missionary. Now for the sad part.... so I told you guys that we got a
new car last week! Brand new Subaru and it is my baby, I love it a
lot. And while we were on exchange the other missionary got in a wreck
with my baby!!! So now there is a big dent in the passenger side rear
corner of the car and we have to lose our car for a week to get it
fixed.... it deeply saddens me.
    It snowed! Saturday it snowed a bunch and I was so excited to try
out the new car in the snow! I was throwing it in spins in the snow
and slidin around all day long during the storm! I was so happy to
finally have snow!!! My Californian companion was not to happy about
it though. He doesn't like the cold.
    Sunday church got cancelled. It threw us off a ton and we didn't
know what to do. Super annoying. So we just took off and started
visiting people. What started off as a super down day were we didn't
know what to do turned into one of the most effective days of my
mission! We ended up getting 2 super solid new investigators and put
both of them on Baptismal date in the first lesson! I have never done
that!!! It was super sweet!
    Now last but definitely not least... transfer call was last night
and I found out I am staying in Englewood for another 6 weeks. But I
am getting a new companion. Elder Peterson from Draper, Ut. Now I
freakin love this guy, we are already best friends out here and we
know a bunch of the same people back at home. So it'll be a good
transfer. Especially because there is so much going on here and so
many people to bring to the waters of baptism!
    Love you all and thank you so much for your support! I hope you
have a great 2nd week of January!


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year!!

  Happy New Years everybody! I hope you all had wonderful parties to
go to! I didn't, you know, because I'm a missionary and stuff.
So this week was Exchange and meeting madness.... I finally feel like
a Zone Leader!
    On Tuesday I got to go on exchange with Elder Clark! He's from
Colorado and he's one of my new best friends. Both of us have an
obsession with Lord of the Rings so it clicked from the beginning.
He's in a Spanish area so I got to sit through some Spanish lessons
again. It was really bad this time because the one lesson we taught
was to a Dominican lady.... like straight off the plane Dominican....
now if anyone is familiar with their dialect it's rapid fire fast and
they don't pronounce half their letters. Now my lack of understanding
Spanish and Elder Clark being a newer missionary put us in a bad
place. She was talking to us faster then a machine gun telling us some
kind of story about how she felt about Catholics and God. We were
completely lost to her story. But because we are lucky people she
finished her rant with a random comment. "Por que no misioneras en
Dominican Republic?" So we were able to answer and survive the lesson,
I also met the demon dog that lived next door.
    And then I went on a second exchange with Elder Miller from Neola,
Utah.... he's a super farmer handyman guy. Super cool! We talked a lot
about smithing........
    Now for the Meeting madness! Friday was Mission Leader Council.
Where all the Zone leaders and Sister Training Leaders sit down with
president for 5 hours and talk about how to lead the mission. Then on
Saturday we had interviews with President. And the twist was that we
have to give the training's to the missionaries waiting to be
interviewed. So we had to give the the same training 4 times as the
missionaries cycled through their interviews.... It was pretty rough.
I was absolutely exhausted.
    So between 2 exchanges and 2 really long meetings, and now I have
to plan another training for tomorrow.... I'm absolutely tired.
    Happy new year everybody, I'mma take a nap..... oh wait, got no
time for that.

Merry Christmas!!!


 Merry Christmas everybody! I hope you all had a wonderful
Christmas and are psyching up for a party filled New Years!
    This week was pretty crazy for us. We are in a super duper finding
stage so we've been out knocking doors Day and night. We've been using
this new door approach that I've never tried before. It's a 10
question survey that leads us into talking to people about the Book of
Mormon. It's been working pretty well.
    We went out knocking almost all of Christmas Eve and it actually
worked! We managed to get 14 new investigators out of it! I've never
seen that much success my entire mission. We honestly in one day got
more people to listen to us door knocking then I've had in the rest of
my mission combined. It was ridiculous!
     We got to have a Christmas Eve and a Christmas dinner from the
members. It was super great! The Christmas Eve one was super Italian
with some accents from other countries. It was crazy good. Christmas
Dinner was super good too! I love food, and I'm not even fat yet.
     Me and Elder Trask got the opportunity to go back to Clinton
Yesterday too. One of my old investigators there was getting baptized
so we got to be there. It was refreshing to see all the people that I
love in the Clinton Ward. It was a good Christmas present.
     Another great present! We got a new car! 2017 Subaru Legacy...
it's Super Fancy! And it can practically drive itself.
     I don't know what else to talk about so I'll stop now.
Merry Christmas everybody! Thanks for all the love and support. Talk
to you next year... he he he.

                      Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                  New Jersey Morristown Mission

The Wimmers Christmas puppy named Sleigh