Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Trial Continues......

(Please read with a Shakespearean British accent) (Enjoy)
Ah yes, my good subjects.... Once again we return to this day known as Monday, to myself as thine P-Day. The day in which I communicate with all of thee in mine own motherland.
Thirty four and Three Hundred days have come and gone since I last laid eyes upon my humble abode, and since that time of reckoning have I gained much experience in the front lines. The natives to this strange land have become more aggressive. The hill people from the north have begun sending their minions to attack the top of mine head, and others continue to lure us into their traps with goodies that are delicious to the taste. Others seem to have learned my language of deception and witty remarks, and have even surpassed me in their skill. I have found challenges.
Only through interacting with the locals have I learned their language.... They say like mountain...... Yet I see no mountain upon the terrain surrounding me. They talk of the weather as if it is good. Through their years of evolution they must have built immunities to the blights that plague this region, I have suffered much from this sickness known to the locals as "Humidity". It may in fact end me. I have also recently discovered that the insects throughout this area must believe that my blood and perspiration is sweet.  They horde to my location at any time we exit the hut in which we reside.
Winter approaches and I see the leaves fall, yet the trees are still full of their green foliage. Where dost these leaves come from. I know not where, only that the brutal task masters the natives have placed over me will most likely put me to labor upon the fallen leaves.
This last rise and fall of the seven day cycle has brought much interaction with the locals. The colony up north known as Washington had a festival where the tribes gathered to celebrate something. Local bards from the region came and played their musical instruments and chanted strange melodies. Me and my companion used this gathering as an opportunity to enlighten those who have not yet experienced the joy and knowledge of that being who created us. We were able to acquire some interest, yet only slightly more then usual.
Despite mine afflictions, we press on. My young companion continues to grow in knowledge. For some reason the natives show more kindness to him, and are more forgiving of his naivety towards their strange culture. He is a good lad though still knew to this hard, adventuring life.
I wish all of you back home peace and good tidings. Thankyou for all your support and adoration.
Below I share a depiction of the strange scenery. 

                      Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                  New Jersey Morristown Mission

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Another Week! Using Technology!

Hello my dear friends!
This week has been slow, but hectic, at the same time. I don't understand! We've also had lots of little moments that show a lot of potential and then nothing comes out of it or still needs much more exploration.
For example, last Sunday we had this nice couple come in needing help really bad. They were about to become homeless and they needed just a small amount of money for part of the down payment on their new apartment. Our bishopric was able to help out and they seemed very interested in having us missionaries come by! Super exciting! But unfortunately they weren't there when we showed up... bummer. Hopefully it was just a misunderstanding and we can catch them another day. We'll see soon enough.
Now regarding the "Technology" part of my subject, this week has been a cool opportunity to use it more effectively. My Companion Elder Taylor was heavily under the weather on Thursday so there wasn't much we could do on part of going out. So we were able to actually teach a couple lessons over Facebook messenger and reach out to people that way... It was pretty surprising how well it worked.
My baby boy Elder Taylor is coming along stronger now though. He's starting to get the hang of this weird missionary world we live in. He's already training me on how to be better at some things! I also have the easiest district ever too. All Elders, which makes things super easy. One of them is from the U.K. Too so we make lots of Revolution jokes and stuff. Just waiting for him to call me and ungrateful colonist or something.
I'm also getting better at the Ukulele for all you who might care....
Hmmmm what else.... hmmmmmmmm....
Oh ya I did get asked to sing in a big interfaith Concert with several other churches in the area in November..... Specifically a solo... I guess that's kinda big.

Love all of you, thanks for all your support! And for all you Clinton Ward members who spy on me and read this email.... Thanks for all the food!
                      Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                  New Jersey Morristown Mission


Thursday, September 15, 2016

My Son!!!!!

Well hello everybody.
        How are you?
This week has been hectic to say the least. As I stated last Monday I
got a new trainee missionary on Tuesday at transfers. Oh man was I not
prepared for that. I was expecting him to act like I did when I first
came out. But he's almost the exact opposite. How do I deal with
this!!! It's alright though, he's cool. I keep getting stuck with
central Utahns for some reason. First Panguitch, then I got a break
with Alaska and Washington, then back to Joseph, and now I got this
one from Richfield.
        For the events of the week! Now I won't name names because all you
people in Clinton seem to read through my emails now, but I did get to
introduce Elder Taylor my Trainee to some of my favorite people! I
think it really helped break the ice for him. Because when I first got
here neither me nor my trainer knew anyone in our area so we were
struggling alone for a good week.
        I think he's gonna get this illusion that members actually feed
English missionaries though. This Ward is too nice to us.
        Now to the missionary work. It has been a pretty good week for
lessons. Had some super spiritual moments for myself teaching
Repentance and Baptism. We talked to one group of people who had some
concerns about forgiveness and we had a very spiritual and heartfelt
moment focusing on Forgiving ourselves and learning from those past
mistakes to help people in the future. (Sorry I'm not providing more
details, I'm just trying to provide as much privacy as I can to those
we teach). It's been a little tougher because Elder Taylor is new so
he doesn't speak up much in the lessons but he'll come to it. Sooner
or later I'll be trying to get him to shut up in lessons so I can get
a second to speak.
        He is my son and I will make him the greatest!

Now to explain the "Son" thing. We look at the mission as a mini life.
When you arrive from the MTC you are born, and your trainer is your
Father (or Mother for Sister missionaries). So my Dad is Elder Norris,
and my son is Elder Taylor.

So long and Thanks for all the Fish, I bid thee farewell.... For now.

                      Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                  New Jersey Morristown Mission

Monday, September 5, 2016

Unexpected Changes......

Hello my dear friends and family.... Big news this week.
So to start when it comes to missionary work it was kind of a slow week.
        I did go on exchange with one of my district members and have found
another new best friend. We talked and joked a ton and pretty much
have the same outlook on everything.... And the same sense of humor, I
don't think I have laughed that hard and that much in a while..... I
had a headache for 2 days afterwards.
        But now to the drama of the week.......
Thursday night I found out that someone up there either thinks I'm a better
missionary then I think I am, or that they believe I need some
straightening up.... Or the more possible answer that they ran out of
good missionaries... Because I got called to train a new missionary
coming into the mission.
        Who thought that would be a good idea!
So anyways, being that I'm training means one of 2 things, I am either
staying in Clinton for 3 more months, or I'm getting "Doubled In" to a
new area. I don't want to leave Clinton! I stinking love this Ward and
things are starting to happen here! So as transfers approached I was
praying pretty hard, along with a few other people that I stay.
        Prayers receive answers!!! I'm staying in Clinton! Now I'm
sure the Ward will be disappointed that they're stuck with me even
longer! But they'll just have to deal with me! Muuahahahaha
        Now back to missionary work.... We Taught a few amazing lessons this
week that were great! Investigators are progressing and things are
moving along here! I'm so happy to be staying and I can't wait to make
my new trainee hate me!
        I love all of you guys and I thank you for all the support, pray for
my trainee's mental health. He will have had to done something bad to
get me as his comp.
        So long, Farewell!
                      Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                  New Jersey Morristown Mission
 A Kissy Face selfie for Mom!!!

Here is a video we made on P-Day... Enjoy.