Wednesday, August 9, 2017

5/8 Nerf Wars, Broken Backs, And Feelings Expressed....

MuWell hello again my weekly readers!
     This week we have a few great Highlights! To start from the pictures below!
Starting from the bottom, the last few P-Days to make it more fun for our zone we've been trying to come up with fun activities and stuff so people can relieve stress better. We had a Nerf War! and it was awesome! we played capture the flag and zombies. Growing up my whole childhood with Nerf Guns I don't think I ever had as much fun as I did last monday. It was a blast and everybody loved it, even the sisters!
     Next picture up was from our community service on Wednesday! It's at a nature preserve clean up place in the middle of our area. It used to be an old dump 100 years ago and they've turned the whole place around in the last several years. A couple weeks ago when clearing vines off of trees we found next to a small creek this shopping cart. Or at least all we could see at the time was the wheels sticking out of the mud. Elder Layton and I made it our mission this last Wednesday to finally remove it. After 3 hours of digging through mud, redirecting the creek, clearing water from the pit we were digging, and ruining our backs, We finally got it out! 
     Side note, I could barely walk the next morning because my back hurt so much.... and I may or may not have shifted my hip out of place for the 4th time.
     And then for the last picture, the one directly below, let me describe.... After a long planing session that we were super confused and not sure what to do and my companion said a snarky remark to me. So I wrote that on the board and gave him a lesson on my feelings towards humanity! Muahahahahah

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