Wednesday, August 9, 2017

7/24 Hello!

Well hello all my people back at home! Just a quick update is all I
got right now! The work here in Plainfield is moving surely but
slowly. We've finally gotten into contact with a few people that we
hadn't heard from in a long time!
My big announcement that is super cool though is that the lady I
helped get to Baptism back in Clinton, Robin, just recently got
engaged to the first member that we introduced her to... there is more
to the miracles surrounding them meeting but that's for her to tell.
But it's super cool that I got to be directly involved in helping
those two meet up and bring them together in the church. They are
preparing to get married in the Temple and I am overly psyched!!! I'll
provide a picture of them below so you can see. Awesome!!
Other then that to explain the pictures we got to do some karate with
a few other missionaries and one of our cool members here who is an
And then lastly that is our picture from the meeting we had with Pres.
Hess when we first met him.
Hope you all have an absolutely wonderful week!!!


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