Wednesday, August 9, 2017

5/22 Plainfield, USA!!!!

Hello all my people that are still out there listening... somewhere.... in the lost netherreaches of my memory. How are you? That's great to hear! I'm doing great too.

So this week was awesome! Elder Brinkerhoff (Boise, Idaho) and I put in a lot of work this last week trying to understand our new area. We got "Doubled In" which means that both of us are new to the area and there were Sister missionaries there before. All I'd Like to say is that this ward is AWESOME! In the first 3 days we were here we got fed three times by the members which was awesome, Thankyou very much everybody, that made it for us. It also helped that My New Jersey Mom Sister Wimmer put in a good word to all her friends in this ward to watch out for me and Take care of me and my comp.... So we've been doing really well here.

Sidenote: Our apartment is HUGE. Like super huge, we have two bathrooms and it's the first apartment I've had where I have to yell at my companion because if we are on opposite sides we can't hear each other when we are talking to each other across the apartment.

Elder Brinkerhoff is sweet! We get along super well and he's like a miniature version of myself. Except maybe a little less bitter and sarcastic. He's pretty young in the mission though so it's an opportunity for me to teach him a lot because I'm an aged old man.

Here are some pictures from my last week in Englewood that I didn't get a chance to send last week.
Hope you all have an amazing week and that you enjoyed the snow because it was stinking a 100 degrees on thursday and Friday.


We pulled out a second shopping cart, this time in only 2 hours...



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