Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Grind.....4-17-17

  So unfortunately we are in a finding phase of the work, which
means a lot of knocking doors and doing anything to find people to
     To help out with that we Zone leaders get to go in exchange with
all the elders in our zone. How they want doing these exchanges is by
bringing both of the Elders into our own area so we can show them what
we are doing. This is called "Double Working". Original I know. So
anyways we went on two of such exchanges this week. I got the
privilege to spend a day with Elder Jean-Baptiste from Haiti in which
I learned all the important things to know in Haitian Creole. Now I'm
not going to bother Write them in Creole because that's super
difficult, but I learned "He's chill/ chillin, I'm cold, I'm hot(and
to be careful with that one because it has a bad connotation...), I'm
hungry, I'm thirsty, and Dude. I was informed that these are the
important things to know in Creole by a real Haitian so I guess I'm
      And then I got to go on exchange with Elder Aybar from the
Dominican Republic, but also technically from Orem, UT because he
moved there at his junior year of High school. That was a funny
exchange. Though we spent most of it trying to find people.
     OH and Happy Easter everyone!!!
We got to go eat dinner at Mamma D's house for Easter dinner and it
was awesome. It was a party. A ton of the hood kids in the area were
there so it was Elder Layton and I, and a whole bunch of Thugs. Quite
entertaining and the good was amazing but it wrecked my companion...
The food wasn't very healthy to say the least.....

                      Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                  New Jersey Morristown Mission

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