Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Grind continued....

Hello Everybody! This week has been a little crazy with exchanges and everything.
But here is my fun story from the week:
     As we were leaving the church on Friday night at like 8:45 we hear this person yelling, but we don't really register it at all. We get in our car and start driving out of the parking garage. I decide to role my window down because it's super hot in the car and I'm dying because I hate the heat. We pull out and this guy is yelling at us and flags us down. I stop the car and he's like "When is the church open?" And I was like, "Oh, mostly just on Sundays." "Ok what time, I've been trying to find a church and I just live down the street, am I allowed to come."....... So you know, Sometimes miracles come out of no where....
     I also got the joy of Driving around all day Thursday. We were on exchange and I had to chauffeur missionaries between baptismal interviews and doctors appointments because we were the only ones available and have a car.... Joy... So I spent all of Thursday cruising around West New York and Paterson. Paterson is a lovely city, needless to say we decided to get McDonald's 2 miles away instead of the one right in front of us because... you know.... Paterson.
      Hope you all have a wonderful day, I miss ya'll so very much.... Oh and Today is the beginning of the so titled by missionaries "6 Months to Sexy" Meaning that I only have six months to get myself together so I don't go home looking like a fatty.....
 Missionary Lunch after Service at the Dog Shelter

 When you realize you have to buy all the snickers because they all describe how you Feel.

 I've Self titled it.... the "Meatwich", or Ultimate "Manwich". Cousin to "The Heartbreaker"

 After Game photo of our Chair Quidditch Game....
 And Finally a Time Lapse of the Game:

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