Thursday, March 23, 2017

Snow Day! And some Early Morning Justice....

Guten Morgen meine Fruende!
     This week was weird but not at the same time! Everything feels
like it's slowing down here in Englewood. We've unfortunately baptized
all our investigators.... so we are having to switch gears to find
more people to teach. Which is a struggle because me and Elder
Peterson spent some time analyzing different types of missionaries and
we fall under the classification of "Closers" not "Finders" but I
guess it's a chance to grow right?
     Last Tuesday was rough! It was a "Big Snowstorm" so everything
got shut down and we were told we couldn't use our car. Which is
annoying because we don't have shovels and nowhere to go, so it felt
like a very unproductive day.
     So the big thing this week was Planning! Elder Peterson and I put
in a ton of time planning ways to find new people, Planning for the
people we are teaching, planning for future trainings we have to give,
and planning on ways we can best help our Zone. Hours upon hours. We
decided that one of our strengths is that when we sit down to plan
something we don't stop until it is all figured out, however insane we
get do to exhaustion.
     Now for the Justice. One of the District leaders in our zone,
Elder Spencer, doesn't have a car. So on p day and for all meetings we
drive him and his companion around. This last week he has jokingly
complained that we are always late to picking them up on p day
(Hardly, "A wizard is never late".....) And that p day is not a day to
chill. So he asked for us to show up earlier....... He didn't know
what he was asking for. So we made a plan, and committed to it. It was
a stretch for us, it required sacrifice. But the Justice was worth it.
 We set our alarm for 5 o'clock in the morning.
We found out a way to break into their apartment.
We snuck in at 6:27 and waited until their alarm went off.
Stormed into their room screaming.
And this morning, justice was served.

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