Wednesday, August 9, 2017

6/12 Sorry, I'm back now.

HI everybody, I apologize for my hiatus from writing the big weekly
email. I just didn't want to bore you all with the weekly ins and outs
of Missionary work. But now I've got stuff to talk about! These last
two weeks have been eventful for sure!

To start we had our big giant missionary conference last Monday for
the summer. It was weird too because it was President Taggart last
conference. Two weeks from now well have a brand new mission president
and it will be weird for sure. The other huge thing to mention is the
awesome temple trip I was privileged to go on. It was super epic and
deeply spiritual. The temple is awesome! You should go all the time.

Funny story for the week. Yesterday in church was an experience. So to
start off sacrament was normal and all the talks were focused on the
Law of Tithing. Sunday schools from my end of things went as planned,
we got to teach the young men and women's Sunday school about the
priesthood and that was pretty funny. Then during opening exercises of
priesthood, the second counselor of the bishopric asks for any
visitors to stand up and introduce themselves. Immediately without
hesitation this big classy dressed guy stands up and in a southern
accent "I'm Professor......... And I'm the whistle blower... (Insert
several political topics that I had never even heard of before
here).... That investigation was a sham! And it should be
reopened!....." As several of us are trying as hard as possible to not
bust up laughing the bishop gets up and just states "We will not argue
politics in the house of the Lord!" This guy this whole time is
walking up and down the aisle like he's giving a lecture and just
turns towards the pulpit "Well why not?" The Bishop restated himself
and the "Professor" walked out of the building..... So that was funny.
It goes even further in Elders quorum when after the Teacher finishes
summarizing a story a general authority told he looks at me "Elder
Hicks could you give us the meaning of all that now that I've
half-a**** that story?"... Probably my favorite Sunday ever. It's good
to know everybody isn't perfect.

Well everybody as per spiritual stories for the week I can't think of
anything very large besides the mission conference with President
Taggart. In essence it was his last training and guidance to us all
and it was amazing. It was such an experience to see their final
testimonies of this work. They'll be sorely missed for sure.

PS I'd love to get you all the video of the cheer my zone did at the
conference but I can't save it off of facebook.

                      Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                  New Jersey Morristown Mission

Here is a bunch of Pictures

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