Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Conference Weekend! 10/3/16

    Hello, Hello my dear Friends and relatives. Unfortunately my email will not be as eloquently wrote as the last one was. My apologies.
So this week has been interesting. It feels like we just had a super dead no energy week, but then looking back we got way more accomplished then I first believed... we taught a few great lessons, sat through long trainings (I'm going to credit my back aches to those) and got to sit at the church most of Saturday and Sunday watching General Conference! I'd like to thank those who kept us company so that we didn't have to sit and watch conference alone and Thankyou to Sis. Wimmer and Sis. R. Harris for providing the delicious food for our lunch on Sunday! It was awesome!
Now Conference was interesting (As it always is) but I noticed a particular focus on Repentance and Judging. Several talks focused on making true repentance, or true change, while a few others talked about not comparing ourselves to other. I see that as a big problem in the church and in society today. Many times in our lives we prefer to hide or block our sins and mistakes then fess up and deal with it. With that we also begin to Judge ourselves.... "Why can't I be as good of a Mormon as that person".... "That family is so perfect, why is mine so  dysfunctional"... "Why do I struggle when they get all they want".... and then the other side "That family is so dysfunctional, good thing I'm better than them"... "That person is a disgrace as a Mormon, they can't even get the simplest things right".... I guarantee that all of you, including myself, has asked those questions or some similar. We're all selfish, we're all jerks, just accept it. We never truly examine those we see and compare ourselves too. Instead of focusing on our own sins or problems we pick and prod at the perfections and imperfections of others... I'm certainly guilty of it. Many times we also ignore the problems that others may be facing and only see their so called "Perfections" that we don't have. We become selfish and blind.
I have realized this lately as a Trainer.... I am constantly drowning my own pride in things that my trainee does in which are not the same way I do them. I have to take time and focus on his positives because I always find myself turning to his negatives... and then berating myself because I realize I'm jealous of many of the positives that he posses...  and that jealousy brings more pride infused frustrations. A vicious cycle... 
Now, how do you fix this problem? The Leaders of the church seemed to pound it into my brain.... Repentance/Change.... Stop comparing, stop judging. An interesting comment that comes to mind is something that I try to really focus on with any missionary that struggles.... "God called YOU!" And that doesn't just apply to missionaries.... wherever you are, whatever you're doing, God has called YOU! You are the exact parents he wants for that child. You are the exact Teachers he wants for those students, you are the exact companion he wants with that missionary. I could go on and on about everything that he has placed YOU to do. 
Just remember that Your Heavenly Father placed you in your shoes. So it's you that should be there.
Rant ended.... I love you guys and I thank you all so much for your support and love... Keep being awesome and all that kind of stuff!
Here is a picture of a funny sticker we found on the road..... stuck it on Elder Taylor's desk so everyone can remember.... (Disclaimer)This is not us stating our political position.
  Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                  New Jersey Morristown Mission

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