Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Spirit!!! 10/10/16

Friends and family!
I had a crazy spirit filled week starting right from the beginning!!!!
To start it off we had an amazing lesson with one of our prime investigators that was super spiritual and they definitely felt it! The testimonies that were bared touched me and everyone in that room.
After that I had a super fun exchange with one of my districtee's Elder Oakley from Yorkshire, England. Now that is someone who knows the church doctrine out of the scriptures, I definitely learned a lot from him. We also ended up shoveling out a member's dog run on that exchange in dress clothes! Was super awesome.... I think I want a Great Dane now..... Went even better when I found out halfway through getting mugged by the 2 giant beasts that Elder Oakley was allergic to dogs..... we both apparently have a twisted sense of humor because we couldn't stop laughing about the irony. Brother Dinkelo, if you read this, I stinkin' love your dogs.
We also kinda locked ourselves out of our apartment...

 Now the next few days were business as usual until friday we had Zone Conference which was super great, got to see some past companions and friends i've made throughout the mission and also got to be spiritually fed by the Spirit giant known as President Taggart.
Then Saturday came around and we spent the whole morning doing service moving tree cuttings back and forth to a recycle center. That was pretty fun and I only Gashed my leg once....
After that we got fed lunch.... twice... and then spent the rest of the day running around teaching people and got lucky enough sucker someone into ordering some pizza.... Thankyou Bro. And Sis. Greenwald... the rest of the night became very interesting but I dare not tell the tell.

 AND THEN SUNDAY!!!! Robin our investigator for the last couple of months got baptized!!! It was so awesome and was super surprising and stressful when President and Sister Taggart decided to come... especially when I was singing a musical number halfway through it.... I was nervous already, now double it. But it all worked out and the spirit was super strong there! Thankyou everyone who had a help with all of it.

The week was a little crazy and fun and great things happened... thankyou so much for all the support you give me and all the other missionaries around the world, we truly do need it and are eternally grateful.

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