Monday, November 21, 2016

Fire, Snakes, and other things...

  Hello Good People of the land!
I had a very good week! I don't thing there was really any serious
dull moments this week.I feel like it went by ridiculously fast yet
looking backwards it feels like Tuesday was a decade ago.
   But anyways.... the week started off really well with an amazing
District meeting. So as District leader I give a training every week,
I'm pretty sure I've told you this before. This week, the Training was
on prayer. My goal in my trainings is and always has been to make it a
very good discussion. However much I like the sound of my own voice,
there needs to be less of it. So we started talking about prayer and
blam! Spirit hit and we sat there discussing prayer for an hour. I
didn't even get to half of our training because we got so deep into
how it affects us as missionaries and how we really need to be using
it! It went really well.
   After that I got to go on a spanish exchange with one Elder York. I
miss spanish food, and spanish people. I still don't understand what
they are saying half the time, and I can Barely talk back to them
because my spanish vocabulary is pitiful, but the energy and fire
(probably from the spicy food) is just so awesome.
   Speaking of fire..... Elder York got me to try the Hand sanitizer
fire thing on your hands....... I only lost most the hair on my right
hand and only got one blister from the burns......
   Moving on....
After returning from the exchange I got a call from good ole Bro
Gallacher asking me if I wanted to sing with the Harmonizers, a vocal
group that will be singing in the Christmas Interfaith Concert this
next Sunday.... So I am now booked for music. I'm singing a Solo, 2
Harmonizer Songs, a church Choir song, I'm part of the Hallelujah
Chorus, and then I'm also learning a song to sing in a couple weeks
for the Missionary Fireside......... and it's all in tenor....... My
vocal chords have not been this stretched in a long time. But it's
super fun and I'm really grateful! Woohoo.
   Now for the Snake part of the title.... The Gallachers through a
coming home party fro one of our other members getting home from
Marine Basic. And the kids decided to pull out a snake and we
proceeded to terrify people with it for quite some time.

   Thankyou all so very much, luv ya, miss ya, wouldn't wanna kiss ya.
(You know, because I'm a missionary and all...)

                     Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                 New Jersey Morristown Mission

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