Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Temple Trip!

Hullo there!
Guess what! Temple Trip this last week! Super cool!!! I love going to
the temple! I feel like the celestial room is the only place where I
can truly organize my thoughts and what I want and need, and it was a
very spiritual and weird experience this last time.
        It was also super fun to go with our whole zone. A lot of the people
in my zone have been in these areas for a very long time. Very few are
new to the zone. So of course we all all super buds because we've been
hanging out for 6 months now. It made going to the temple that much
more exciting and fun.
        Twas super annoying at the same time though. Do to some hiccups in
the travel plans and missing a bus we were gone from 6:30 in the
morning and didn't get back to our area until 7:30... We also ended up
really close to Times Square which is a big missionary no no....
hehehe. Not my fault, I promise.
        Other then all that we had a pretty routine week filled with dinners
and lessons! Super great! Except for the fact that I was on exchange
and found one of the few Arby's in all of New Jersey...... Chicken
bacon Swiss and Curly Fries..... I only fangirl'd a little when I saw
Thankyou all for you support and love! It helps immensely.

Explanation of the Video.... we were playing a game called Kumcha....
though I'm pretty sure anyone in the area they might've seen it has
now posted a video titled this "Mormon Missionaries doing crazy ritual
under Church"

                      Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                  New Jersey Morristown Mission

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