Thursday, November 17, 2016

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Hey everybody!
This week was super fun! I got to go on exchange with a trio this week
so I got to be with 2 missionaries over in North branch for a day. It
was pretty funny! I found a new way for a portable picnic, (Picture
Provided) and taught one of the funniest lessons in my whole mission.
           Apparently when you get a British guy hyped up on Monster
and my beautiful old self together.... we make quite the pairing. It
was quite surprising. You would think that those variables would add
up to a very bad and unspiritual lesson, but indeed it turned out to
be quite the opposite. The spirit was truly there and it was really
fun and humorous at the same time. The Third missionary was laughing
pretty hard and kept berating himself afterwards for not recording it.
I still don't know how it turned out to be that way but we were full
of theatrical movements and "did you know" comments that turned into a
great lesson.
           Other things to highlight! We have a new investigator who
came to church yesterday! It was quite surprising in our last lesson.
We just asked him if he'd come and he was like "Ya sure, how far is
the church?" Which in our area is a rough question to answer, because
the answer is usually 30 minutes away, which scares people off. But
after I told him he was all for coming! I have never gotten someone to
come to church so easily in my entire mission! What the heck!
           We also had our ward thanksgiving party on Saturday and I
am slowly growing infamous for my cookie recipe....
muuuahahahahaha..... lots of nonmembers and less active members were
able to come and it was a great experience.
           And finally to end the week off we got to go practice for
the Hallelujah chorus with a bunch of people singing in the Interfaith
concert on the 27th. It is super awesome but I can barely pull off the
tenor required for the choir songs, let alone the solo I have to sing
at the beginning of the Concert!!! Life is rough.

Hope y'all are having a wonderful week and that you Repent of your
sins. Because y'all are a bunch o' demons!

Live long and prosper,🖖
Hicks out.

                      Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                  New Jersey Morristown Mission

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