Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Trial Continues......

(Please read with a Shakespearean British accent) (Enjoy)
Ah yes, my good subjects.... Once again we return to this day known as Monday, to myself as thine P-Day. The day in which I communicate with all of thee in mine own motherland.
Thirty four and Three Hundred days have come and gone since I last laid eyes upon my humble abode, and since that time of reckoning have I gained much experience in the front lines. The natives to this strange land have become more aggressive. The hill people from the north have begun sending their minions to attack the top of mine head, and others continue to lure us into their traps with goodies that are delicious to the taste. Others seem to have learned my language of deception and witty remarks, and have even surpassed me in their skill. I have found challenges.
Only through interacting with the locals have I learned their language.... They say like mountain...... Yet I see no mountain upon the terrain surrounding me. They talk of the weather as if it is good. Through their years of evolution they must have built immunities to the blights that plague this region, I have suffered much from this sickness known to the locals as "Humidity". It may in fact end me. I have also recently discovered that the insects throughout this area must believe that my blood and perspiration is sweet.  They horde to my location at any time we exit the hut in which we reside.
Winter approaches and I see the leaves fall, yet the trees are still full of their green foliage. Where dost these leaves come from. I know not where, only that the brutal task masters the natives have placed over me will most likely put me to labor upon the fallen leaves.
This last rise and fall of the seven day cycle has brought much interaction with the locals. The colony up north known as Washington had a festival where the tribes gathered to celebrate something. Local bards from the region came and played their musical instruments and chanted strange melodies. Me and my companion used this gathering as an opportunity to enlighten those who have not yet experienced the joy and knowledge of that being who created us. We were able to acquire some interest, yet only slightly more then usual.
Despite mine afflictions, we press on. My young companion continues to grow in knowledge. For some reason the natives show more kindness to him, and are more forgiving of his naivety towards their strange culture. He is a good lad though still knew to this hard, adventuring life.
I wish all of you back home peace and good tidings. Thankyou for all your support and adoration.
Below I share a depiction of the strange scenery. 

                      Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                  New Jersey Morristown Mission

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