Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Taming Power of Sisters!.... Oh and I'm Old.... 10/24/16

 Good Morning fellow hoodlums and no good doers! I hope all is well
in Utah land or wherever else you are in the world!
   This week was the beginning of the new transfer! So as to help you
understand what I mean by the first part of the subject line I shall
enlighten you as to some history from last transfer. I am a District
Leader, and my district last transfer consisted of 6 elders.... 3 of
which are very young in the mission. We started by calling our
district Elders quorum, but we soon demoted ourselves to priests
quorum. Our demotions quickly accelerated and we found ourselves with
the title of deacons quorum.... Do to repeated distractions and
pointless conversations during training times we found ourselves stuck
in this rut. Trainings were still good and meaningful, but much less
on track and focused. We learned in those meetings from last transfer,
For example, how to throw a Pokémon card with deadly accuracy......
   Do to our rambunctiousness I requested  some changes to be made to
help us be better for this next transfer.... so they gave us
sisters.... We can now proudly say we have been promoted back to
Priests Quorum but further progression is yet to be seen. Being a
District leader is great!!!
   As for our week we did pretty well, we taught some new people and
are hoping for a good future. We started working with our less active
members a little more in hopes to find more people as per that route.
All is well here in the Clinton Ward and we got a bunch of Parties
coming up! Super excited..... for missionary purposes of course.... We
can... like... invite people.. and stuff....
      Oh and guess what!?!?!? I hit my Year mark this week, I'm super
old! It's also funny that i've been through a year of my mission and
i've only had 2 areas! I've decided i'm just a member/missionary
relations establisher. It's all great!
Also one of the members gave me a Baritone Ukulele so now I have 2! A
Baritone and a Soprano! Now I just got to get new strings for it.
Thanks Sis. Judd.
Hope Ya'll have a great week!
   Fare thee well!

                     Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                 New Jersey Morristown Mission

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