Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hump Day! 10/31/16

I come to ya'll once again on a beautiful Monday morning.
        Like it is stated above, this week has been my Hump Day. I think I
told you in my last email that I am now past my year mark. But Hump
Day, and I'd go as far to say Hump Week, Really lived up to its name.
It just seemed off, and I had no energy. So it was a rough week, we
still managed to teach a few really awesome lessons. We ended up
driving all the way down to Lambertville, which is in the bottom of
our area, to teach a lesson. 40 minute drives to lessons are always a
bonus! Especially when immediately after the lesson you have to drive
all the way back up to Clinton for some service do to some complicated
scheduling issues.... luckily it all worked out and the lesson was
totally worth it! Good thing I'm used to long drives.
        The weather has been more gracious for me this last week though.
Temperatures are dropping and I am so absolutely happy, I hate the
warmth! I used to just dislike heat, but now that I've experienced
true humid heat, I truly value winter.
        Now for the Funny part of our week, Saturday night our ward had a
Trunk Or Treat party. Now fortunately I've been in Clinton so long
everyone knows my sarcasm and sass and throws it right back. So for
the Trunk Or Treat me and my companion decided to make a statement.
Luckily do to my mothers gracious timing with a wonderful Hump Day
package, we had our banner. Thanks for the hug Mom.......... Picture
is provided below. We were well received and only had several
arguments over our banner... hehehehehe. Good to know the Holy War
spreads across the country.
        Well Everyone, Happy Halloween!!! Enjoy your candy and Parents don't
forget to take your candy taxes!
        Thankyou all for your support and I hope all is well!

                      Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                  New Jersey Morristown Mission

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