Wednesday, February 1, 2017

1-16-17 Comp Untiy, New Missionaries, and Korean Food

  Good Morning everybody! I Hope all is well in thine own abodes!
        This week was pretty awesome. Starting off with a lesson in Korean
food and the lack of love thereof from myself. I can see the appeal,
but I don't like it.
        We had some awesome lessons this week and have been working with some
cool people. Lately we started teaching a lady who moved from Haiti
several years back that was taught by missionaries there. We had a
super spiritual moment with her when she expressed her sorrow for not
trying to find the missionaries here in America sooner. She promptly
set a date to be baptized so the future is looking good!
        We also have a few other people that we are working with that are
progressing towards baptism which is super sweet! This ward needs it
        Because of all the different ethnicities here in Englewood area I'm
learning how to say Hi in several languages. Creole, Korean, Spanish,
Patua(Jamaican), French.... the List goes on, but it's sweet.
        My new companion and I, Elder Peterson, are getting along Swimmingly!
I think I mentioned it last week but we were already best buds before
from when he was my Zone Leader In Clinton. We do super well together
but can get pretty distracted sometimes because we talk and care about
a lot of the same stuff... super funny let me just tell ya.
        So... all the missionaries in this Zone are super young now. Our
whole zone got switched around and it's all missionaries that have
been out for only 6 months and they are all training brand new
missionaries.... in District meeting this last week I got really
freaked out.... I looked around and realized that I have been on my
Mission for at least 5 months more then any of the missionaries there.
It was an old moment, and I'm not even that old in the Mission!
        Because the zone is so young and full of trainees me and Elder
Peterson have spent a ton of time brainstorming on how we can unify
this zone. How we can make it a family. To motivate people, to make
sure they feel loved, and to deter homesickness in the new
missionaries. So that's one of our main focuses as our Zone Leadership
goes this transfer.... updates to come.
                Sidenote.... Another missionary was convinced he could teach me how
to do a backflip......... My neck as been sore for a solid week

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