Wednesday, February 1, 2017

1-30-17 Evicted........

So, we got kicked out of our apartment this week.... I told Elder
Peterson we weren't allowed to play with fire in the apartment but he
didn't listen....

Just kidding... maybe.
    Last week our landlord left a note on our door talking about how
they are doing repairs to the apartment complex and we'll have to be
out of our apartment for a couple days. He also stated that he would
let us know before the repairs start so we can pack up and leave. Cool
whatever, that's fine, we'll figure it out. And then last Monday he
comes in and tells us we need to be out by Tuesday night and that the
repairs will take at least a week. Awesome, great, that makes things
wonderful! Luckily there was an empty church owned apartment int the
south end of our area so we had to emergency pack up and gun it over
there! So that was a fun event for the week!
    There have been some blessings of being in that new apartment
though..... because we found a skateboard.... videos provided below.
    Me and Elder Peterson are killin it here in Englewood! We are
teaching tons of peeps and having a blast. I also haven't had so many
intellectual conversations with someone since I was back at home, best
companionship ever!
    We also got to eat Korean food twice this week! And we aren't even
Korean missionaries in the slightest!
    I got to go on exchange with Elder Draper. He is a brand new
missionary! In fact I was his first exchange ever. I feel sorry for
him, I set such a high standard. No exchange will ever live up to it.
But he is super cool. From Springville Utah and is super excited to be
out here doing missionary work. I'm really glad we have a bunch of
young fiery missionaries here to lead the charge! Keeps me going.
    Random cool thing that's come up. So an investigator that the
Spanish sisters are teaching is gonna get baptized in 2 weeks. She is
someone that me and Elder Trask actually found and only got into her
house because I started speaking in Dominican Spanish slang. And they
asked if I would do the Baptism! So I'm not even a Spanish missionary
but I am going to baptize someone in Spanish! Super cool and I'm
absolutely and utterly humble about it.
    So miracle story that happened last night.... Right before we were
gonna go to the Raddatz house for dinner(they are my people) we had a
few extra minutes so we decided we were gonna stop by Sister Schroeder
because we didn't know her very well. So we knock on her door and she
opens it and immediately starts yelling at how much of a miracle it is
that we show up at that time. So we go inside and her nieces are there
and apparently one of them was going through a really tough time
because of anxiety and stress stuff. So Sis. Schroeder asked us to
give her a blessing and immediately the spirit fills the room. We
proceeded to give her a blessing and it really hit! It was such a cool
experience and we referred them to the missionaries over in Sparta.
Miracles happen.

                      Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                  New Jersey Morristown Mission
I call this concoction the "Heartbreaker"

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