Wednesday, February 8, 2017

30 hrs of meetings and Home Sweet Home.....

Hullo Everybody! This week was really rough on the exhaustion scale....
        30 Hours of meetings all together can be really painful starting with
District meeting and a special training, Stake Coordination, Giving
Trainings at Interviews, Mission Leader Council, and all the driving
and planning that went into all of those... I want to die. But it's
all good and necessary and enlightening.
        Other Random information, WE FINALLY GOT BACK INTO OUR APARTMENT! It
was honestly such a drag to be in another apartment. I can't tell you
why, but it was different and uncomfortable. For some reason we just
couldn't settle over there and it didn't help that we stayed there a
whole week longer then we were expecting to. It's good to be home.
        So this week was super good.
Story of the Week!!!
        So we got into contact with this investigator that I had taught a
couple months ago. And we met at their work! It was kind of awkward
and loud and me and Elder Peterson didn't know what we were gonna do
about it because you can't expect to feel the spirit when a Spanish
Soccer game is blaring in the background. We go into the lesson
anyways and start talking to them about the importance of Baptism and
the Authority of the priesthood. It really hit them and told us that
we should all set a goal to work for. Specifically a Baptismal Date!
Super cool. So we decide we should pray to confirm the day that they
had chosen (Because it was pretty far out) and Elder Peterson and I
were concerned as to how far away it was. We asked her to pray and
the second she starts praying she starts crying and the spirit hit
like a slap to the face.... We wanted a date closer to now but the
spirit was all for the day She had chosen. It was a testimony builder
for myself that sometimes you aren't going to get answers you want and
that you're gonna just have to be patient. She was full of emotion
after the prayer and it was such a spiritual moment....
        Then Yesterday we had a Baptism!!! It was so cool and the spirit was
definitely there... I still feel bad because the Font is super weird
at this church so we can't get the water to be warm, so the guy
getting baptized was obviously super cold.... but either way he was
super happy afterwards and told us he felt different!
        So after a slow week full of meetings we finished off strong with a
super spiritual experience and helping another one of God's Children
to the waters of Baptism!
I'll call it a success.

Until Next Time my Dear Compadres!

                      Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                  New Jersey Morristown Mission

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