Wednesday, February 1, 2017

1-23-17 Blessings!!!

Hello my loyal Monday followers!
How Y'all doin?
      Anyways! This week has been awesome missionary work wise. We
have been blessed. Who ever is doing the extra praying for Englewood
please keep it up because it is working! We have had 3 investigators
just be handed to us this last week that are all super sweet and want
to be Baptized.... we have 9 people progressing to be baptized in the
coming weeks... which is a ludicrous number by the way. Not about the
numbers of course, but it's just crazy! The good times are coming in
for Englewood. Elder Peterson and I have been freakin out! God's
Kingdom is ready to grow here!
      One of our investigators in particular is a really interesting
and no coincidence situation. We taught a young lady yesterday who had
recently had a Baby, which completely turned her life around. She
didn't grow up with much religion in her life but she knew it was
important. How we met her was that she ran into other missionaries in
Paterson. In fact it was Elder Trask my old companion. But anyways we
get her information and we saw her yesterday. Afterwards Elder
Peterson was freaking out because a lady he had taught and baptized
back in Cedar Lakes, his last area was in the exact same situation
when he met her. Apparently this lady we are teaching said almost the
exact same stuff, is in the exact same situation. It was super cool. I
would love to tell you more but you know... privacy and stuff. Kinda
important. 😜
      We also got to go to Zone Conference which was super sweet but
also sucked... a lot. Super sweet because we got to learn a lot and we
also gave one of the trainings because we are awesomely superior,
pridefully amazing, and perfectly humble Zone Leaders. It sucked
because both me and my companion were pretty sick, and fasting for an
investigator on top of it all. So we had no energy, I had an explosive
headache and we were totally scatter brained. So it was a pretty great
      All in all it was a pretty great week!
Thankyou all for you support and adoration. Keep on keepin on!

To explain the pictures. First picture is of the best lunch I've ever
made on my mission. If you ever want to know how Elders eat in our
apartments... There you go.
Second picture... last P-day Elder Peterson and I organized a Zone
Ninja bracket match championship. And Sister Dean from up in New City
took the win. Yes, I was beat by a sister.

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