Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Hello everybody!
This week was eventful!
    Forgive me for lack of details because I can barely remember
anything anymore. Probably because I'm starting to become an aged old
man in the mission.
Our investigator got confirmed! So he is now a member of the Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Pretty cool, I know.
    It snowed a ton on Thursday but we had our service planned at the
animal shelter. We showed up and nobody else came besides the actual
workers so they were super happy we came! Every freaks out over snow
here in New Jersey! So I supply this video below to tell them all to
chill out.
    I got to go on Exchange with Elder Combs the young missionary! He
is super cool and companions with the one person I'm grabbing when red
dawn happens, Elder Miller. They are super funny guys!
    We went on Exchange with the Assistants to the President this week
too! That was an experience. We did a table stand on a Main Street in
Elizabeth and talked to a ton of people! We got the information of a
ton of people who were interested in hearing more about the Book of
Mormon! So that was pretty cool!
    Experience of the week though.... I got to participate in the
Baptism of the Spanish sisters investigator! She's the lady that me
and Elder Trask found a couple months ago and they asked me to Baptize
her! It was super cool. I also had to do it in Spanish which made it
interesting. The font at our church is weird too so we can never get
it to be even remotely warm. So all these Spanish people were freakin
out because it was so cold and I was like "Room temperature? This
feels great!"
Anyways sorry for the lack of content, I'm busy, and I can barely
remember this week.
You guys are great and thank you so much for everything!
Oh and Happy Birthday to myself on Wednesday.🀘😜

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