Thursday, January 12, 2017

Transfers and the Best Day!

  Hello my dear Subjects from the far off lands!
We had a super awesome week! And it finally snowed for real! And
someone wrecked my car!
    This week was super good. We had a ton of lessons and did a ton of
work. It was really funny early on in the week because me and Elder
Trask had to give a training to the whole zone on Influence and we
were trying to find a fun way to keep everyone's attention. So we came
up with a short skit! There are a lot of inside jokes in it but it's
goofy and lame enough to show everyone, the video is provided below.
    After that we got to go in Exchanges with the Assistants. I got to
go hang out in Elizabeth for a day with Elder Wildman. It was super
cool. Elder Wildman is a spiritual powerhouse. He taught me a lot
about how to feel the spirit and he is a great example of a
missionary. Now for the sad part.... so I told you guys that we got a
new car last week! Brand new Subaru and it is my baby, I love it a
lot. And while we were on exchange the other missionary got in a wreck
with my baby!!! So now there is a big dent in the passenger side rear
corner of the car and we have to lose our car for a week to get it
fixed.... it deeply saddens me.
    It snowed! Saturday it snowed a bunch and I was so excited to try
out the new car in the snow! I was throwing it in spins in the snow
and slidin around all day long during the storm! I was so happy to
finally have snow!!! My Californian companion was not to happy about
it though. He doesn't like the cold.
    Sunday church got cancelled. It threw us off a ton and we didn't
know what to do. Super annoying. So we just took off and started
visiting people. What started off as a super down day were we didn't
know what to do turned into one of the most effective days of my
mission! We ended up getting 2 super solid new investigators and put
both of them on Baptismal date in the first lesson! I have never done
that!!! It was super sweet!
    Now last but definitely not least... transfer call was last night
and I found out I am staying in Englewood for another 6 weeks. But I
am getting a new companion. Elder Peterson from Draper, Ut. Now I
freakin love this guy, we are already best friends out here and we
know a bunch of the same people back at home. So it'll be a good
transfer. Especially because there is so much going on here and so
many people to bring to the waters of baptism!
    Love you all and thank you so much for your support! I hope you
have a great 2nd week of January!

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