Tuesday, February 21, 2017

It's My Birthday and Great videos!

    Hello everybody! Thank you so much for all the happy birthday
wishes! It made my day on Wednesday! Especially because I was in a
sour mood and wanted to kill everyone. You kept people in New Jersey
alive so good job!
   We had a busy and stressful week with transfers coming up. We found
out that our area was getting split in half and another set of Elders
was going to come in so it was really frustrating trying to figure all
that stuff out. We got some awesome new investigators though!
    We found a family in Hackensack that is super cool. Their kids are
really interested in learning and have tons of questions! Another one
of the investigators is a mom that the Spanish sisters gave to us! She
is super cool and has learned from the missionaries awhile ago. And
then finally we had a young woman who met missionaries in Newark who
lives in our area so we were able to talk to her and schedule a sit
down! I don't know what we're doing to be blessed!!!
   We also ended up giving two really spiritual blessings to
nonmembers which was a surprise!
A big plus for the week too, is that our zone hit our Baptismal goal
yesterday of seven! That's really great because this zone has
struggled with that in the past and we still have another weeks worth
of baptisms coming up! We are killin it!
    Me and my companion made a video as a reward for our zone...
you'll find it below...

                      Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                  New Jersey Morristown Mission
The final picture is our camera stand for filming.....

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