Monday, November 23, 2015

Yesterday I gave the first blessing of my life

Well everybody, things are changing here in Bayonne, New Jersey.
First to start with the few bad things:
No snow yet, but it's getting cold, and not the cold that I like...
There is a fowl beast that lurks in the air here. An elusive creature
whom you can always feel his presence, but can only rarely glimpse his
physical form. The demon I speak of invades your soul, and sucks the
life from your joy. This monster is called by the name of "Humidity"
and I hate him.
We're also still constantly running out of food.
Other than that things are getting much better:
We've had 10 scheduled lessons this last week and most went super
well. We met a guy named Justis who I'm pretty sure is 99% LDS in
beliefs and just doesn't realize it. And then we happens to
accidentally knock on the door of a less active member whom we didn't
know existed. She dragged us into her house and spilled her heart out
to us while I silently searched our ward records trying to figure out
who she was. Finally I found this ladies name and we were able to help
her calm down about her issues a lot. She then asked for a blessing.
My heart kept and I kinda freaked out in my head, but yesterday I gave
the first blessing of my life to a lady I had only met an hour before.
The spirit was strong and it amazes me how the spirit guides us to
those that are in need.

I love all of you guys and thank you for the support you give.
Many keep asking me about an address.
For less important things(I live in the super ghetto) you can send it to

Elder Anthony Hicks
New Jersey Morristown Mission
120 west 10th street
 Bayonne, New Jersey 07002-1359.

 For more important items send it to the mission office, the address I don't know so you
can get it from my mother.

Thanks again for all the support. Good luck and as all the people in
New Jersey keep telling me. God Bless.

          -Elder Anthony Hicks

This is Mother with the Mission Office address:

Elder Anthony Hicks
New Jersey Morristown Mission
5 Cold Hill Road, Suite #10
Mendham, NJ 07945

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