Tuesday, November 17, 2015

So this week was exciting but rough.

So this week was exciting but rough.
Monday was planes trains and automobiles. Bus in the morning, then To
front runner, and onto the plane. When we got off the plane we met our
mission president and all the assistants, and one happens to be
another Elder Hicks. After that I got into a truck and went straight
to our "fearbuster". This includes all the new missionaries going out
with the assistants and talking to random people on the street in
downtown Newark. That was super fun and I of course went out with the
other Elder Hicks. The next day I got to go to the zone transfer
conference in which 72% (about 140 missionaries) of our mission were
being moved around. I got my new companion/Trainer Elder Norris, who
is pretty cool so far and we got doubled into (we both are new to the
area) the Bayonne, NJ area...

This is where things start to get rough. Bayonne could be considered a
Suburb of Jersey City. So I'm in the hood for my first area. Its made
up of almost entirely multi family townhomes. It's also one of the few
areas in the mission that doesn't have a car, but is one of the larger
areas... So we're walking..... A lot. Our branch building is only
slightly bigger then the doll shop and at least half of the members
don't speak English, and our area book is a mess. The last
missionaries left us no information so we've pretty much been starting
from scratch in the area.

Things are starting to look up though. We've finally started making
progress and contacting people. Now that we've met a few members we
are able to get a little bit of a low down on some of the
investigators. But most people won't talk to us. The culture here is
very different.

All in all, It's definitely going to be an adventure in trying to turn
this area around.
It's hard but I accept the challenge.

Thanks for all the support. Food shipments are appreciated. We have no
car and the nearest Walmart is 5 miles away. ;)  Love all of you guys.
Good luck and God bless.

          -Elder Anthony Hicks

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