Friday, November 6, 2015


So I had to share this amazing experience that we just had with our
real investigator that we have.

For some backstory: this lady hasn't prayed in 14 years. And that last
one was to save her son from death, and he still passed. She's had an
abuse infested life and believed God hated her.
She also is currently searching for a job.

In our last lesson we invited her to pray.
Today we went back with no idea as to what we were gonna teach, all we
had was a video and a hope that she did pray and she told us that she
did, and felt a small power of patience.  In our talk with her we
found out she was given a job offer... That she refused because it was
at dollar tree. After a conversation we showed her the video "Daily
Bread: Experience" and she freaked out that we didn't know of her
trial with patience in work and taking life and praying day by day
instead of begging for miracles. After testifying of the power of
prayer, I offered her a Book of Mormon... She then began to tell us
about how she had read bits and pieces. She mostly loved Alma the
younger and loved Paul from the bible. We then proceeded to freak out
because the next segment of our lesson was to talk about those exact

I testify to you the power of prayer, the power of the spirit, and
most of all the power of the temple. I can say that when we got to go
to the temple today all three in our companionship had our
investigator in our prayers. I personally had a prayer in the
celestial room to help this woman.

I love this church.
-Elder Hicks

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  1. Dear Elder Hicks,
    I too know the power of prayer and how it can help us draw closer to our Father in Heaven. I do know without a doubt as you are out there sharing your strong testimony with others that you are planting seeds with these people that may someday grow to become something magnificent. I recently had a friend contact me who is going through a divorce of her own, and we knew each other in high school..yes West High. But she told me that she admired me and remembered how strong I was in the gospel and how positive of an influence I made on her back then. Funny thing is she is LDS too...she fell away from the church, but she remembered the little things back then. Now after chatting here and there, she is going back to church, and plans on taking out her endowments in the SLC Temple next month. I plan on being there for her. She being the only active member in her family, its hard. But she has had a witness of her own that this is the right thing for her to do. That she needs to be strong for her kids. She is amazed how the gospel and the Savior can help us in our lives. I think its easy to forget this, when you are so caught up in the world.
    I hope that as you continue forward teaching this lady that she too will realize the importance of keeping the Savior in her life. And how happy she can become by applying the gospel principles in her life.
    All our love...Your cousin Adria Garner