Friday, November 6, 2015

First message from the MTC

Oct. 30th 

So... still alive, and I've only fallen asleep in one class. They keep us ridiculously busy here and I never feel like I have time to breath, but I'm still having fun.

 I have an awesome companion, Elder Gentry from Richfield, and we get along great.
All the soda here is caffeine free... Even the Mountain Dew. It tastes the same but my body rejects the lie.

 My P-Day for my MTC duration is friday. But today(the 30th) I'm only available till 12:10Next friday I can email all day.

Go ahead and spread my email to the masses.

I Love you so much and I miss all of you idiots. 

And by the way.... I forgot toothpaste so I had to buy a whole dental health bag to get some....

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