Monday, November 9, 2015

I made it!!

I'm still alive and I'm currently in the Mission home.

I found the infamous other Elder Hicks that we had heard of and have already adopted him as my brother.

President & Sister Taggart are super great and overwhelmingly nice.

Everybody is super cool and I can't wait till tomorrow to find out who my companion is.

I had an awesome "fear buster" in which we went around Newark and talked to people. I of course went with the other Elder Hicks as my companion and in 40 minutes got the numbers for 4 possible new investigators.

My next P-Day is on Monday so I'll get back to Ya'll then.
I Love all of you guys and I miss you tons.
-Elder Hicks


  1. Enjoy your time. Don't be good boy be great!

  2. The Hicks invade NJ. You should tell everyone you're twins!