Monday, May 30, 2016

LDS Weekend!!!

Happy rainy Memorial Day... At least it's rainy for me!
I hope you are all having an awesome three day weekend! Because I am.
It's exhausting.
        Our "Resident Roman Catholic Member" (guy who is super active but not
baptized) called it LDS Weekend! In the monster truck commercial voice
because we have had 2 baptism's, 2 parties and another party happening
        Luckily one of those baptism's was our Investigator Bridget! It was
super awesome and really funny because right after she came up out of
the water her 5 year old son yelled "GOOD JOB MOM!" We then had a
little party after to celebrate of course and there were tons of
members there that she had never even met. It helped her to make a lot
of new friends and see all the people that support her.
        After that on Saturday there was a Surprise birthday party for a
member that we were invited to and that was really fun! We had a
couple investigators there so it was totally justified.... We ate some
awesome food and talked about the church... and possible ways to kill
off varmint species in NJ......
        Then Yesterday at church Elder Reese and I were given the wonderful
privilege of giving talks.... I guess that went alright... Probably
not. Then we got double duty because we got to teach the 5th Sunday
class to all the young men and young women. I learned that stomping
your foot really loud gets teenagers to be quiet. Makes them jump a
little too;) After that we had a baptism for an 8 year old. The mom
invited us to be part of the program so we got to be there and help
out with all that jazz.
        For the rest of the week we had nothing too eventful. I did go on
exchange with the Zone leaders, got into 2 bible bashes, found 2
awesome people that I hope turn into solid investigators, and didn't
get enough sleep. All very eventful indeed.
        last of all we have our ward Memorial Day picnic today. Excited for that!
Other than that I think I said it all for the week. Bringing in people
to the Gospel is great!
        Keep on Keepin on, Live Long and Prosper, Never give up, Never
Surrender, Nos Vemos, and have a wonderful day.

           -Elder Anthony S. Hicks
  New Jersey Morristown Mission

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