Thursday, May 19, 2016

I feel old!

Well hello again my wonderful Monday subjects!
   I've been pondering and trying to decide what I shall write to you
this beautiful morning when I came out blank.... Nothing deep, nothing
funny.... Except I went to a Jewish church on Friday.
   A couple weeks ago we knocked the door of a house and the guy
invited us in and after talking for a minute he told us he was a
Jewish Rabbi. He led some kind of reformed Jewish church nearby or
something and invited us to one of their family services! So we went.
It was pretty neat to experience though a little odd and in the least
bit personal. One reason I love the LDS church. Sunday is for the
members to speak, not for one guy to sit up there and say the same
things they do every other week.
    As I continue to write this email I'm reminded of the things that
happened this week and that my mind is failing me. We also went to the
temple!!! Kinda Important. Not the typical thing you forget... But ya
that was awesome! I love the temple! Us missionaries are starved of it
so we only get to go every six months for personal worship. Off to
Manhattan we went! (I still don't like that city no matter what you
say mom) we took commuter trains and subway all the way from Newark to
the Lincoln center where the temple is! Did the wonderful spiritual
do's there. Which was even cooler because there was a guy there who
was getting his endowments for the first time but it had to be in
Mandarin because he didn't speak English. So in the last part there
were multiple people helping the translation. Funny and cool at the
same time. After that we sat outside and ate Gyros and watched the
chaos of the city for half an hour. Then proceeded to get on the wrong
train into Newark and ended up in central Newark instead of by the
church. A two and a half mile walk later in suits and sun we made it!
      That same night we asked one of our main investigators Bridget
to get baptized! She is super cool and has a ridiculously wild little
boy... She didn't seem to sure about the date we set for her so we
left it in the air for the day asking her to pray about it. The the
next day we get a call form the bishop saying that she called him and
was so excited to be baptized.... So that was funny!
      Otherwise nothing else to substantial happened this week. We
lose our car today for 4 days because it has some repairs that need
getting done. (Not my fault I promise). So this week is gonna be
hectic and will include a lot of bike riding. I'm not excited...
    To finish off I got to eat at the Gallacher's home last night
which for those of you that don't know is funny because they are
family friends. We joked about old nicknames and how they had to train
themselves to remember that I am "Elder Hicks" and not the other names
they know me as...

At the Manhattan Temple

 At the Gallachers for Dinner


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