Monday, May 9, 2016

Transfers and TREES!!

Well hello again on this wonderful Monday morning! Well at least for
me, I don't know what the weather is like there but this is the first
sunshine we've had in a week and a half.
To start off my new address has been requested so here y'all go
       19 Overlook Dr. Clinton, NJ 08809
But it has been a good week indeed. I left good ole Bayonne and came
to the oh so different area of Clinton. I pretty much flipped the coin
on everything here. Instead of no grass and trees and lots of people
and buildings I'm now surrounding by an abundance of grass and trees
but no people. For my mental health, this is much better. For
missionary work I regret to say that the first has the advantage.
     We spend a large amount of time driving. It takes us a half hour
to get anywhere and our area is huge! If anyone wants to map it out we
cover all of Hunterdon County and a chunk of Warren county.
Specifically Washington and Belvidere. It is all farms and horse
property and back roads that will end up destroying our Toyota Corolla
at some point. I've almost hit deer three times. Which I guess is
better than people.... Sometimes.... Everyone here has to be
ridiculously rich because the houses are big and they are on giant
plots of land in beautiful wooded areas. Yesterday we ate at someone's
house that sat on the Delaware river for example.
     So it's a little different here.
We've driven a lot, but we've also rode bikes a lot. Our area is so
big and we aren't given enough miles on our car to cover it that we
use bikes also. I never thought I'd get the chance to have a bike on
my mission but here it is! Woohoo! I'm tired.
       So everybody there is my new area for you. Very different and
the part of New Jersey that nobody seems to know about. Other then
that nothing big and exciting to share except.......

       Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there! I got up in
church yesterday and embarrassed myself in front of my brand new Ward
that I don't know anybody in just for you! So you better be grateful!
Moms are the bomb!
So ya! Talked to my family yesterday. They are all still terrible
human beings. Glad nothing has changed....😜
       Have a nice life, see ya in a bit, happy Mother's Day, live
long and prosper, hasta la vista, goodbye.

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