Thursday, June 9, 2016

The unexpected

Buenos Dias hermanos y hermanas
        How has your week been? How's life?... Well that's unfortunate...

        This week has been a fun week! Groundhogs can be added to my "Almost
hit list". I need a haircut. Apparently something happened in the
Basketball world because people kept asking us if we knew what was
going on. I went to my first YSA party. Unfortunately not as a YSA
though. Much less fun that way. And we got a crazy text from one of
our investigators...
        YSA Party..... We had a Giant Paella that a member in our ward made
for all the YSA in the mission and they had a huge party at his house.
I think about 120 people showed up. We got the pleasure to go because
first off we helped set everything up but we were also meeting some
new investigators there! That's how missionaries get into pretty much
anything fun. But it was awesome food and talked to a bunch of people
saying the exact same thing.... "Where are you from?" "Riverton? Is
that in the north? By Logan?" "How long have you been serving?" "What
areas have you been in? Just two? Really?"
Not kidding... Every conversation. And of course as a missionary we
can't do the one thing that YSA parties are for so we say down and
talked to the old married people half the time. Still really fun
        Crazy text.... So we have this one investigator named Chris. He's an
older guy who has been investigating for 2 years now. We got to really
start thinking the other week by asking him what he liked about the
church and he was freaked out by how large that list was. And then he
FINALLY is reading the Book of Mormon, but he's been holding himself
back from progress because he is waiting for God to do something...
Anything really.
        So he started reading it about a week ago and has been loving it.
(This guy studies Theology hardcore) Friday night we have a really
good conversation about scriptures and how he's feeling about them....
And then Friday night as we get home we get a text "I know my
God and I know what I need to do. I want to get baptized! How soon can
we make that happen?"
        So as you can imagine me and my companion were a little surprised...
We obviously texted him back and will be laying out the plan with him
this week.

        That's all I got for this week...That I can remember...
Thankyou for all the love and support! Keep being awesome and Never Give Up!

           -Elder Anthony S. Hicks
  New Jersey Morristown Mission

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