Monday, May 23, 2016

....No Car......

Good Morning people!!!
        How's Life?
We'll it was rough for me this week!
        So for some reason that me and my companion don't understand, we had
to take our car in for repairs on Monday.... Which meant we had to go
4 days without a car. We cover an entire county and half of another
one... Roughly 450 square miles... And this week it was on bikes!
Woohooo.... My legs have never been so tired. We managed to get rides
from a few members to our important things, but otherwise it was pure
pain. So ya that was fun
        Our investigator Bridget is getting Baptized on Saturday!!!!! And to
think she found the church after watching Sister Wives. New finding
technique? Maybe... But holy darn she is prepared. I'm pretty sure she
has read more in Gospel library in that last month or two than I have
in my entire life. Pretty cool, I'll release pictures of the baptism
next Monday.
        I get to give a talk next Sunday on the topic "Remember those who
came before" and I'm at a loss... Any suggestions?
        I almost ran over a frog, 3 deer, a fox, a raccoon, and one bad
driver this week. My tally is growing.
        Life here in Clinton is great, I still haven't gotten a tick bite so
I must being doing something right.
        Sorry I'm kinda jumping around but I'm just spilling everything onto
the page as I think of it so I don't forget.
        Yesterday was super cool! We had an English missionary fireside in
which we all sang to all the people that came. The spirit was super
strong, as it always is when large groups sing hymns. I loved it!
        Other than that I have nothing to eventful to talk about, sorry I'm boring.
Hope you all are having a great week!

-Elder Anthony S. Hicks
New Jersey Morristown Mission

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