Monday, September 5, 2016

Unexpected Changes......

Hello my dear friends and family.... Big news this week.
So to start when it comes to missionary work it was kind of a slow week.
        I did go on exchange with one of my district members and have found
another new best friend. We talked and joked a ton and pretty much
have the same outlook on everything.... And the same sense of humor, I
don't think I have laughed that hard and that much in a while..... I
had a headache for 2 days afterwards.
        But now to the drama of the week.......
Thursday night I found out that someone up there either thinks I'm a better
missionary then I think I am, or that they believe I need some
straightening up.... Or the more possible answer that they ran out of
good missionaries... Because I got called to train a new missionary
coming into the mission.
        Who thought that would be a good idea!
So anyways, being that I'm training means one of 2 things, I am either
staying in Clinton for 3 more months, or I'm getting "Doubled In" to a
new area. I don't want to leave Clinton! I stinking love this Ward and
things are starting to happen here! So as transfers approached I was
praying pretty hard, along with a few other people that I stay.
        Prayers receive answers!!! I'm staying in Clinton! Now I'm
sure the Ward will be disappointed that they're stuck with me even
longer! But they'll just have to deal with me! Muuahahahaha
        Now back to missionary work.... We Taught a few amazing lessons this
week that were great! Investigators are progressing and things are
moving along here! I'm so happy to be staying and I can't wait to make
my new trainee hate me!
        I love all of you guys and I thank you for all the support, pray for
my trainee's mental health. He will have had to done something bad to
get me as his comp.
        So long, Farewell!
                      Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                  New Jersey Morristown Mission
 A Kissy Face selfie for Mom!!!

Here is a video we made on P-Day... Enjoy.

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