Thursday, September 15, 2016

My Son!!!!!

Well hello everybody.
        How are you?
This week has been hectic to say the least. As I stated last Monday I
got a new trainee missionary on Tuesday at transfers. Oh man was I not
prepared for that. I was expecting him to act like I did when I first
came out. But he's almost the exact opposite. How do I deal with
this!!! It's alright though, he's cool. I keep getting stuck with
central Utahns for some reason. First Panguitch, then I got a break
with Alaska and Washington, then back to Joseph, and now I got this
one from Richfield.
        For the events of the week! Now I won't name names because all you
people in Clinton seem to read through my emails now, but I did get to
introduce Elder Taylor my Trainee to some of my favorite people! I
think it really helped break the ice for him. Because when I first got
here neither me nor my trainer knew anyone in our area so we were
struggling alone for a good week.
        I think he's gonna get this illusion that members actually feed
English missionaries though. This Ward is too nice to us.
        Now to the missionary work. It has been a pretty good week for
lessons. Had some super spiritual moments for myself teaching
Repentance and Baptism. We talked to one group of people who had some
concerns about forgiveness and we had a very spiritual and heartfelt
moment focusing on Forgiving ourselves and learning from those past
mistakes to help people in the future. (Sorry I'm not providing more
details, I'm just trying to provide as much privacy as I can to those
we teach). It's been a little tougher because Elder Taylor is new so
he doesn't speak up much in the lessons but he'll come to it. Sooner
or later I'll be trying to get him to shut up in lessons so I can get
a second to speak.
        He is my son and I will make him the greatest!

Now to explain the "Son" thing. We look at the mission as a mini life.
When you arrive from the MTC you are born, and your trainer is your
Father (or Mother for Sister missionaries). So my Dad is Elder Norris,
and my son is Elder Taylor.

So long and Thanks for all the Fish, I bid thee farewell.... For now.

                      Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                  New Jersey Morristown Mission

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