Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Busy Week!!!

  Well hello again my dear friends and not so dear family. I
regret to inform you that this weeks email will actually have some
stuff in it. I'd like to apologize for my boring emails in the past
but sometimes life is boring. So don't complain and don't ask
questions.... Mom...... ;)
     This week was awesome! Like I just said a ton of stuff happened!
        To start P-Day we had a big party in our zone at a park including a
relay which was unfair for the part they put me in.... They paired me
and my companion against 2 sisters for a wheel barrel race. When one
of you holds the other persons legs and that person has to run on
their hands and stuff.... Quite unfair because that's really the only
muscle I manage to workout on out here so it was no competition, sorry
        We then proceeded to have a water balloon fight. Which turned bad
because I nailed one of the Sisters in the face...... I'm a bad
person... And District Leader too, because she's one of the
missionaries in my district.... Hopefully she'll forgive me one day.
Once again, Sorry Hermana.
        So that was all fun. After that I went on exchange with our Zone
Leaders. I got to head up to the Cedar Lakes area for a couple days
which was super fun. I learned a new way to knock doors that makes
things less awkward.
        On the exchange I saw a funny sign, was given some free Girl Scout
cookies( that I promptly ate the whole box by myself)... Oh and I also
got attacked by a dog.... Thankfully I buy thicker pants so it didn't
break any skin. It was quite funny. It didn't scare me really at all
and after we got out of the situation my companion was freaking out
and kept asking if I was ok. He obviously had some sort of adrenaline
going on but I was in the whole "Just another day on the Job" zone.
        Then on Wednesday me and my companion made cookies to take to a few
people! They turned out super delicious and I now have to make another
batch because we're selfish and ate too many of them....
        Now for the first big event of the week! Elder Dube of the Seventy
came and spoke to our mission! It was really funny because a little
bit into the meeting he used the scriptures to call us all out about
not speaking up in the discussion he was trying to start. I was
        Then the next day which was the Highlight of my week!!! We got to go
to the Philly Temple Open House! The Greenwalds were kind enough to
take us to it and it was an amazing experience, not to mention the
first time I'd been to Philadelphia. The temple was absolutely
beautiful and it was really cool to see how many Non members were
there! In our tour group I kept having people asking me questions
about the temple. It was kind of annoying and cool at the same time
because I was trying to experience and enjoy it while people kept
coming to me for answers! All good though. The Architects and
designers all did an amazing job of keeping to the Patriotic feel of
Philly. One of the coolest things I repeatedly saw throughout was two
feather quills next to each other. One representing the Translation of
the Book of Mormon, while the other represented the signing of the
Declaration of Independence. Also in the main lobby there are two
paintings. One of Jesus Christ and the other of all the Forefathers
signing the Declaration. Everything was just amazing.
        After our tour we talked to a couple locals to find the best
Cheesesteak place and began our second quest for the day. This place
also happened to be past Independence hall and that whole area so we
got to see a lot of that cool stuff from a distance! And then we had
lunch... The Cheesesteak was absolutely delicious but I'm pretty sure
it's what made me sick for the next day.... Totally worth it.
        Saturday I ended up sick most of the day which sucked.
And then Sunday we had Stake Conference! Which was super cool. It all
ended up being focused on member missionary work and what the members
need to be doing.
        Thankyou all for your support and love. I hope everything is going
great on the Homefront!

                      Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                  New Jersey Morristown Mission

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