Monday, August 1, 2016

Facebook Launch!

Hello my good friends and Family members! Twas and interesting week,
Twas indeed.....
To start off I got my new Companion on Tuesday. His name is Elder
Owens and he is from Clinton, Utah. Ironic right? He's pretty cool
even though he doesn't say Clinton, or Hunting, or Mountain
correctly... His dad is like a Speech Pathologist or something.
Apparently some people don't believe that the Utah way to speak is the
right way to speak..... I call blasphemy.
        Our weather has been the exact opposite since my last email... It has
been on and off pouring rain for the last week....  I thought the
humidity before was bad....
        I've also been called to be a District Leader was was really
interesting on Wednesday when we had District meeting because I'm
supposed to give trainings to the missionaries in my district for an
hour and a half... Except the higher ups didn't inform me on what to
train on until the morning of. So I got to practice my wonderful
skills of "Wingin' it" and come up with a discussion about finding
people to teach on the fly... I think they need to do trainings for
Wingin it.... I feel like that's what we do half the time no matter
how prepared we are. I credit my mother for all past trainings on that
subject for myself, thanks mom.
        It's different being a district leader. Not that I'm begging for
leadership but I feel so much better as a missionary, and more
motivated. And it was really weird because I got called and a switch
flicked in my head and now I spend half my time thinking about my
district and trying to think of ways to help them. It's really
different. But I love the feeling! Hard to explain but maybe some of
you can understand it in someway.
        Anyways for the BIG NEWS!!! If you hadn't seen yet Facebook/Online
Proselyting is now open in the New Jersey Morristown Mission! We can
now start Using good Ole Facebook to talk to our members and
investigators and to help find and interact with people in our area's
And AROUND THE WORLD! We now have the ability to teach anyone
anywhere. Though Face to Face is better interaction, there are just
sometimes that that isn't gonna happen. This is an awesome new thing
to be a part of and our Mission is one of the Test Missions. They
haven't even finished all the manuals and videos to train us yet, all
of them have "Draft July 2016" stamped on them. So this'll be a cool
experience and we'll see how well it works out.
        Thank you guys so much for all your support and love and I hope it's
all going well for you.
                      Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                  New Jersey Morristown Mission

 Young Elder Eduardo Hicks testing out the badge

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