Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Good Morning!

 Buenos Dias Hermanos y hermanas
     I hope all of you had a fantastic week! Because I did!
To start we got a new Ward Mission Leader..... And he is awesome! The
work is definitely going to start progressing here in Clinton with the
great member work we have going on here! I love this Ward!
    We also actually had someone be nice to us when we were knocking
doors all day on Saturday! Never in my mission so far have I gotten
the response "We super busy right now but could you guys come back in
like an hour?" That was an unexpected. I guess I just got to used to
everyone being like "Nope, to busy, get off my property."
   I personally had an amazing spiritual moment this week though. One
of the Missionaries in my district asked for a blessing and it felt
odd because I hadn't given one in a while. Back in Bayonne I felt like
we dished those out like candy but this was one of maybe 3 I've given
since I got to Clinton. Not a bad thing at all it was just an
interesting observation.... But back to this blessing. Being a
missionary and a ever growing Member of this church I'm always trying
to understand one thing in particular. That is how I feel and
understand the Holy Ghost, or Spirit, and how it works through me.
    Giving a Blessing is one of those things that you really have to
listen to the spirit. It is so hard to just let God speak through you
without accidentally adding your own words. Without taking over the
phrases. Very hard indeed to not "Think". I've found that in many
cases we as people "Think" way too much. This Blessing that I was able
to be the conduit for was probably the first moment in which I felt
that it was not me speaking at all.... None of the words were mine.
With my eyes closed I felt as if I was no longer looking and feeling
through my body, but that I was temporarily floating to the side or
above, that those hands were not mine at that moment. It was an
amazing experience. Blessings are awesome and I hope that missionary
felt the Spirit as much as I did during that moment.
      Other then that nothing to big happening this week. I got a
haircut today.... So that's nice.... Ummmm oh and I sang one of our
investigators happy Birthday with a ukulele.... That was nice..... Fun
times indeed. Go Team Jesus!

                      Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                  New Jersey Morristown Mission

(The following is Anthony's email form 8/15 that I forgot to post)

 Hello good Monday subjects of mine! I hope all is well in the Kingdom.
This week was a weird one indeed. I don't know if everybody is the
same but... My brain kinda explodes when the routine is shattered....
        To explain this week do to a few people being out of town and things
not working out a few of our usual routine weekly things that we do on
a set day and time every week got cancelled. All of the sudden we had
multiple hours to fill that we've not had to fill in a long time...
Whether or not we get something to do during that time my energy saps
completely for some weird reason... If somebody knows the science
behind that please send me the pill that fixes it.
    Anyways it has also been ridiculously hot and humid. My two
favorite things in the whole world when it comes to weather! We've
also had some awesome lightning storms or the last 2 weeks and it has
rained very, very hard. They can keep us missionaries from swimming
but they can't stop us from walking through walls of water!!!!
    I did my first exchange as a district leader which was weird. How
am I supposed to be an example for these missionaries when they're
obviously better then me. It's all good though. It's fun to work with
the newer missionaries. Let's me see where I was at 9months ago and
compare what has changed.
    Teaching the Gospel is great! Sorry I don't have much to talk
about this week. Kind of a slow one but that's alright.
    Here is a picture of a rabbit.... That I may or may not have first
commented that "He is lucky New Jersey blocks guns".... Or else this
fella may or may not have turned into a mid afternoon snack..... Who
knows.... I could be lying... Maybe.

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