Monday, August 8, 2016

Meetings...And long drives

Good Morning fellow human beings....
        Twas quite the week!!!
The theme has very much been Meetings.......
        Wednesday was annoying because we had to drive an hour to go to our
interviews with the president which is good and all.... It's just a
long drive and we're a little regulated on miles is all...
        Then on Thursday we had to make that same hour long drive to go to a
big mission conference! Woohoo...
This was a great conference though. President Taggart actually had his
neighbor, who is not a member, train all the missionaries on
non-verbal communication which was really cool and really funny
because there were several missionaries who said very blunt comments
about other churches(which weren't totally correct) to the guy
training us and he would always joke and snark back that he's a
Catholic.... But it was an amazing training and the guy really knew
his stuff! Gonna use a lot of it through the rest of my life. You'll
never be able to hide what you're thinking from me ever again!
        We also got our big training on Facebook.....
        So in case you haven't noticed yet I have been using Facebook quite a
bit lately! And it is super helpful!!! It makes it way easier to
contact investigators and members. We can also use it to send stuff to
our investigators like videos or links which have really helped out a
bunch already! Also if you guys see anything that a missionary posts
you should like it so that it can get to more people! Spread the word
to the world!!!!
        Something super cool that happened this week is that we had an
amazing lesson! The spirit was so strong and I could really see the
person we were teaching's mindset change through the whole lesson.
They were so excited to read the Book of Mormon afterwards! It really
gave me a boost for the week... Because meetings really drain it out
of you...
        A big bonus for the week also was getting to partake of delicious
food at some of my favorite members houses this week. So that's pretty
fun too. I absolutely love this Ward here.... Maybe it's just because
I've only served in 2 wards but this one is awesome and I genuinely
feel like we as missionaries are really a part of it. Not just those 2
dudes who cycle through every once and a while. It means a lot to
us.... So if you see the missionaries say hi to them, be their friend,
because they left all theirs  behind to help the area you live in.
Just sayin....
Thank you for all the support you guys give us as missionaries, it
really helps! Stay awesome and keep on spreadin the word! Love you
all, until next week....

                      Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                  New Jersey Morristown Mission
I figured I got to have at least one picture to send, so here is my beautiful face.


  1. I was kinda hoping you'd mention some of those meals that you ate this week - I mean, c'mon - three times in 4 days? Just sayin'..... burnt cheeseburgers, pancakes, sausage and eggs and then feghetti and meatballs - faaaaagetaboutit... LOL

  2. or was it spetuccini --- I forget which one we decided on