Wednesday, July 6, 2016

America Day!!!!!!

Now that we've started off on the right note for today. HAPPY AMERICA DAY!!!!
        Nothing gets me excited like the smell of Gunpowder and the National
Anthem blasting in the background! The distant booms of explosions
just bring a tear to my eye. And since my spirit animal is an
Eagle(That's what people keep telling me) it is even more special.
        Anyways..... Twas a good week! We taught some awesome lessons.
On Wednesday we ran into a lady that was a referral and talked to her
about trials and how she can find help from her Heavenly Father. It
was really spiritual and you could tell she really needed it. We
scheduled another appointment for Saturday.
        Saturday comes and we go over and end up teaching her, one of our
former investigators that lives in the same building, and then another
guy who just walked up off of the street to listen to what we were
saying, it was really cool. Though at first we thought the guy off the
street was coming to bible bash us. Turns out he was actually
interested in what we were teaching though not interested in changing.
He was a "Progressive" Christian. From what his shirt said "Got Stoned
in Salem" and from the potent aroma that he must use as Cologne,
because it was thick, I understood what he meant.
        My other exciting moment for the week was Tuesday night. It was the
most awesome rain storm I have ever driven through.... I'm starting to
learn that the rainstorms here are epic. I felt like a race car
driver...... Dodging falling trees and 2 foot deep drainage puddles
that would swamp our little Corolla and slowing down to hear the
thunder boom. Twas a good week indeed.
        I hope ya'll are gettin' your patriot out and I'm currently scolding
myself for not having an America tie. Bad Elder Hicks!
        Once again happy America day.

                     Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                  New Jersey Morristown Mission

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