Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Good Morning

Hello Everybody!
        Welcome to another Monday of listening to my rambling! I just checked
and you only have to suffer through 70 more of these emails!
        Anyways, 'Twas a slow week for missionary work though our ward has
been cracking down on Home Teaching! They wanted to get 100% home
teaching from now on which is quite the feat for a ward that is as
spread out as this one, and with several people who aren't very open
to being seen! Our Bishop set it up with our front line being the
actual Hometeachers, after that comes the organization leaders and
then us missionaries and the young men, then the bishopric!
        Being that we started that this month there was a lot left over. Our
ward is separated into 4 areas. Frenchtown, Flemington, Clinton, and
Washington. Each area includes a large chunk of members. The Bishop
asked us to visit everyone in the Flemington area that hadn't been
seen yet.... Which was a lot! We ended up spending all day Saturday
and about a 100 miles worth of driving going to every one of these
members' houses. It was quite exhausting! But it worked greatly and we
were able to see most of the people we went out to find!
        By the way people... Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching is Super
Important!!!! I swear New Jersey would not have as severe a Less
Active problem if people just knew the ward actually cared about them
personally!!! So do it!
We did have the Mission Summer Conference and that was super fun!  It was ridiculously fun and
tiring. I was sore for 4 days afterwards though. I spent the whole
time playing soccer and talking to people. The food we had was
imitation Cafe Rio... It was a nice attempt, but nothing beats the
real thing.... And then we sat down for a 2 hour training from one of
President Taggart's sons about Prayer, humility, and power.
        So it was a pretty great experience all in all.
Not a super eventful week but not a bad week looking back. Cup half full right?
Love you all, and keep staying awesome!

                      Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                  New Jersey Morristown Mission

Double Hicks power holding up the one with the speakerphone.

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