Monday, July 25, 2016

Sweat or Rain?

(From July 18th email sorry for the late post. Love, Holly)

Wow, this was a crazy week!
        I'm pretty much exhausted right now....
So to start it was an interesting couple of days early on because we
got the privilege of having the assistant on exchange with us for 3
days.... Which is kinda stressful but very helpful at the same time!
Stressful because you feel like he's watching your every move waiting
for you to mess up, but helpful because he offered some great tips to
help us work our area better!
        Wednesday was Zone Conference and it was especially different because
a big announcement was made..... This mission has been approved to do
Online Proselyting.... In other words means that we are getting
Facebook!!!! Now a lot of us have very mixed feelings about it but
it'll be interesting to see how this works. Now we can stalk people in
a whole new way! I'm pretty sure Missionaries are the best Personal
Investigators out there.... Now that we have access to Facebook people
can never escape us! Muuuhahahah......
        So ya, that's pretty good news. It opens up to us in the first week
of August so everybody be prepared for a whole new world of
        Now for my week..... Thursday was the big day..... So Thursday is our
walking day, or at least for us, "Biking Day". And luckily we had a
third bike so our assistant could keep up. We decided to try and bike
to an area that we hadn't knocked before...... It was very rough,
turns out that google maps doesn't inform you that it was pretty much
all uphill. Thursday also turned out to be the hottest and most humid
day of the year so far. So I was very much hating life.
        After a good hour bike ride uphill we finally arrived at our
destination, completely drenched in sweat..... Best door knocking
condition possible! But luckily the Lord is great for providing
excuses. The weather suddenly turned and dumped rain for about 2
minutes... Like literally dumped! So now we had an excuse to be
completely drenched, "It's not sweat, just rainwater now!" So that
worked out.....
        As we continued to knock we ended up coming upon this awesome Indian
guy named Kk who had recently converted to Christianity from Hinduism.
This guy had some serious miracles in his life and loved anything to
do with Jesus Christ! It was awesome. We are now currently trying to
acquire a Hindi Book of Mormon to make his faith explode even more!
        We then got the opportunity to ride our bikes back home.... All
downhill, much better.
Another interesting thing that happened...
        On Saturday the Stake Family History people put on a presentation for
Leonard Lance, who is in the New Jersey Congress. We got to go to that
and it was pretty cool, had a chance to talk to him and found out how
much he respected the LDS Church. He was friends with Mitt Romney and
kept saying how much he respected the guy and was angry that he didn't
run again for the presidency. So that was pretty cool.
        Other then that nothing too eventful for the week... Taught some
lessons... Knocked a lot of doors... And didn't get enough sleep....
The life of a Missionary.....
                Hope you all had a wonderful week! Love you guys and Thankyou for
all your support!

                      Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                  New Jersey Morristown Mission

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