Tuesday, July 12, 2016


   Hello my dear Monday subjects, I hope ya'lls 4th of July was as
deliciously explosive as mine was! Last Monday for me consisted of
feeding some deer and apple, eating some great food, driving hastily
for 30 minutes to a firework show that we showed up late too because
it started early due to the rain that was coming down. We then
proceeded to get rained on the whole show but it was still super cool!
We then went to one of my favorite family's house for some cheesecake.
Our Fourth of July curfew was to be back in our apartments and getting
ready for bed by 11..... Me and my companion arrived on our front
porch at 10:59..... I'd say that is time well used!
   Now for why I tagged this email as "Service!!!!"......... I feel as
if that was the theme for our week. To start, Monday in the morning we
helped one of our members move rocks to build a rock wall in his back
yard for a few hours. Tuesday we helped our recent convert put in her
new window AC units, Wednesday we also helped another member move her
couch and Entertainment center from her old house. Wednesday we also
helped that favorite family mentioned up above completely tear out
their old garden which was really fun!
   Thursday falls under the "Service" category because we had to get
our car serviced...... But because of a bunch of little things that
fall under "Policy" we had to drive 35 minutes away to a pep
boys...... And then proceed to sit there for 5 hours while they
changed our oil... Then changed our front tires and the alignment....
That was pretty terrible but we did talk to a lady and refer her to
the missionaries that covered that city!
   Friday we painted and investigators basement! This is a lady that
we are subtly trying to start teaching her because her son and her
mother are both members and she seems at least slightly interested so
we jumped on it when we found out she needed help!
   Then Saturday morning we continued to live up to our nickname the
"Mormon Movers" and helped a member and his family move from their old
house to their new one........ I am thoroughly exhausted from this
last week!
   Luckily in between all that we were able to teach some great
lessons! Our investigator Bruce came to church for the first time
yesterday and that was a big boost!
   Now all of you go out and find some service to do because it is
great and makes you feel good! Don't ask questions just go do it!
   Love you guys, stay awesome, and Thank you for all your support!
                     Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                 New Jersey Morristown Mission

 This is a picture another missionary made of me and sent it out on the 4th.....

The front few from our relief Society president's front porch,
 the fog was rolling in and I felt like zombies were gonna start coming out of the tree line any second.

 One of my favorite families in the ward here in Clinton! They are awesome!

 The next 2 are more from our service on Monday.

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