Monday, April 25, 2016


This week was good, nothing crazy but definitely some new experiences.
The member I mentioned last week that we visited and found out she was
going through a serious Panic attack got admitted into the hospital.
So this week I got to go to a hospital for the first time in my
mission. It was also my first time ever in a psych ward. And that was
weird. But our member is doing much better now and she'll probably be
back home real soon.
       We had a ton of appointments this week and I am just exhausted,
I don't even know what to say. I'm just really tired from running
around all week long.
        Oh wait ok I did go on exchange with Elder Verhaaren up in
jersey city on Tuesday and that was hilarious. There is this area in
Jersey City called Greenville. It is like the super bad place to be.
The worst part of it is in my area in Bayonne(we don't go there very
often...) but a large chunk of it is also in Elder Verhaaren's area.
We spent a lot of time there.... I learned some things that most
missionaries don't learn until their married, if you get my drift, and
spent a lot of time walking around very drunk people. Got hugged by a
drunk guy named HD(Heavy Duty) and talked with a man that took the
name of a famous rapper instead of his own. So that was very
interesting. I then got to go onto the roof of Elder Verhaaren's
apartment complex and look over at Manhattan. Elder Verhaaren is also
my best friend out here so that made it even better!!!
         Other then that nothing eventful. Investigators are hard to
find here so we've been doing tons of work with less active's and
        Life is all good here in Bayonne and I might get transferred
next week, so who knows!

           -Elder Anthony S. Hicks
  New Jersey Morristown Mission

New Jersey Morristown Mission Zone 3

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