Monday, April 4, 2016

5 months already! And Happy Easter!!!

Well hello everybody! Welcome to the weekly update!!! Today we'll be
discussing things both spiritual and temporal, both dumb and
 So to start its been a weird week. We've been having a really hard
time getting a hold of our investigators especially the last few
weeks. We finally got into contact again with Janet and scheduled an
appointment with her and was promptly stood up.... Ahhh yes... It's
So that's been really annoying. We've had to move on from a few of my
solid investigators from when I first got here which was sad, but
hopefully missionaries in the future can reach out and prove more
helpful to those people.

So for the spiritual. We had this crazy lesson Monday night. I've been
trying to get to this persons house for 3 months now and they finally
decided to let us come over. The mom is the niece of our Branch
President who was the one that referred them to us. Both parents are
inactive members and their daughter is not a member.
   Sorry, random information.
The lesson! We showed up and it started off really awkward. We didn't
know what to say especially after they talked about leaving the church
and going to the Catholic Church when the daughter was first born.
After that they kept trying to feed us empanadas but we had just ate a
gigantic meal at a members house right before. So the beginning of
this lesson was all wrong, their baby was screaming, there was a weird
children's tv show play in the background... But then Elder Jess asked
"what is it you actually believe in" and it got the ball rolling down
the hill at a hundred miles per hour! We found out that the daughter,
Alice, had been going to an I depth catholic school and so she was
deeply confused about the few things she did hear when they came to
the LDS Church 2 twice. Her questions specifically fell towards the
plan of salvation and Repentance. The two best and most powerful
things you could ever expect in a lesson started to happen. One being
the powerful "Logic nod" and the other being the wonderful power of
the Holy Spirit. Now to explain the "logic nod".... Have you ever been
explaining something to someone that contradicts what they know and
all the sudden you see their eyebrows perk up and they go "Oh.. That
makes sense..." As they begin to nod their head along with what you're
teaching! That is the "Logic Nod".... Then of course the spirit! That
was one of the most powerful lessons I've been blessed to be a part
of! The dad wasn't paying too much attention but both the mother and
the daughter were on the edge of their seats nodding along and asking
tons of questions! It's also one of the first times during a lesson
that I was practically getting screamed at inside my head to "TESTIFY
YOU IDIOT!!!" THESE PEOPLE ARE FEELING IT!!!" Exact words I'm pretty
sure. So of course I did, and it felt so powerful and amazing!

So ya that was a pretty cool experience....

Anyways there are a ton of newbies in my zone after transfers last
week(I'm still in Bayonne) out of the 10 companionship a in the jersey
city/Union City area only 2 or 3 don't have a fresh off the plane
greenie. It's pretty funny to look back and see that that was me only
5 months ago!

And holy crap I've been out for 5 months already!

Happy Easter!!! I've decided that out here Easter is the only thing
the Catholics got us beat.... We  only had like 25 people show up to
church! What's up with that? It's Easter!! Isn't that supposed to be
the Sunday when people who never go actually go!!???!?!?!

Anyways... I hope you guys all had a great Easter. Stay awesome!

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