Monday, April 4, 2016


So this was a pretty good week!
    We taught more lesson then usual and we had a miracle happen
Friday! Perry, the long term investigator that we've been teaching for
about 4 months had fallen off the map a month ago which made me really
sad of course because he is an awesome guy. So anyways, we were
walking down the street and ran into him! We said hi and he instantly
just started talking about how it's a sign. That he'd really messed up
and fallen the last little while and he really needed to get back into
church! I was blown away but we obviously scheduled an appointment for
the next day and had a great lesson with him. In related news, his
best friend who is one of our less active's disappeared around the
same time and called us that same night saying that she felt terrible
about dodging our calls ad really needed us back over! So it was a
pretty weird but much needed. Anyways that was our big personal event
this week.
    Now for Conference!!!! This is the first time that I've really
payed attention the whole time... And was obvious beating myself for
not doing that at previous conferences, but it was so awesome! I hope
everyone noticed the trend of talking about things relating to the
family, because it was kinda right in my face the whole time,
especially the part about fathers... Out here in Bayonne we see way
too often the heartbreak, the confusion, the irresponsibility, and
pride that is plaguing this modern world. To often do fathers just
walk out on the wife and children, or they simply just don't do
      I want to give you an example: A former Investigator whom has
now moved to a different state was in a tricky situation. Her and her
roughly 5 year old son lived with her boyfriend. This Boyfriend woke
up every morning ate breakfast and then disappeared into the city to
do no one knows what, not even his girlfriend. He would then return at
around 11 every night. Neither had a job, and the woman did not speak
any English and had no friends. She spent all her time raising this
boy alone.
         Being that I don't speak Spanish, during our lessons with her
I would play with the kid fighting superhero action figures, making
Lego cars, and driving monster trucks around their small table. This
is where I saw the effect of the "father's" absence. This child was so
excited to play with someone, his mother mentioned that he
occasionally asked when we'd come back so he can play with someone.
Then every time we had to leave this child started getting sad and
pleaded for us to stay longer. Though I could not speak her language I
could tell when the woman talked about her boyfriends absence, she was
somber, and not happy in any way. It broke my heart to see this kid
this way. It made me angry to see a "man" who so readily left his
family every day for no gain except for his own.
       That conference talk was very meaningful to me and all I could
think about we're all the broken families we see today.
      The leaders of Jesus Christ's church are true prophets, seers
and revelators. Listen to them. Go back and listen to the talks again,
because you can find something to help and guide you in all of them.
      I love you all so very much! Keep being awesome and keep on keepin on!

P.S. Remember that German is the Celestial language... Just sayin.

           -Elder Anthony Hicks
  New Jersey Morristown Mission

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