Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Morning Surprise!!

  Gooooooodd Moooorrrning people who apparently still like me!
Como esta?
         This week was quite different then many of the past weeks....
Monday and Tuesday were pretty normal days. Played some games with
some other missionaries then went to a good ole Spanish dinner
appointment. I....love....Spanish food...... It's really good! Then we
had the usual Tuesday of meetings and a few lessons but then something
super weird happened. So a less active member that goes to a different
Ward but lives in our area called us and asked us to come teach her
son! We were all like "Awesome we can help someone return to this
branch and teach a new investigator". But it gets more complicated
then that..... Turns out that this kid we were teaching already had a
baptism set up, which happened yesterday but I'll get to that in a
minute. Anyways so we start teaching him to make sure he knows
everything and we started rushing to figure what was going on, because
it's a convert baptism for anyone over 8 years old, so we should have
heard of it being that he lives in our area. They already had
everything set up so we didn't want to rush in and complicate things
for this already overwhelmed mom. We started talking to the mission
president to figure out what to do and ended up treating it like a
Child Baptism but making sure we put everything down as convert for
this kid and his records have to go through the missionary... So in a
round about way I got a surprise baptism this week! Crazy right? But
now to the really random part.......
    Wednesday..... So at about 8:30 we get a call from President
Taggart(Mission President) and we had no idea why, turns out Elder
Jess is getting Emergency transferred!!! Which means he is moving to
another area immediately.... Nothing bad happened just the other
missionaries got in a car crash and it was partially their fault so
they got "Red Dotted" which means they can't drive anymore. Since
their area required a car, they had to get transferred, And we drew
the short straw. So the one and only Elder Jess gets to spend the last
4 weeks of his mission over in New City and I now have the wonderful
and ready to work Elder Brooks as my companion(Pic below).
          It's kinda weird because he sat next to me on the plane out
here. We're the same age in the mission. It's kind of a make or break
time. We don't have any older missionaries to tell us what to do, no
one to tell us how to do things, or if we mess up. This is the time in
which me and Elder Brooks have to choose what kind of missionaries we
want to be. Being young he also isn't as strong in the language yet so
I've been pounding Spanish lately so I can try to be a little more
help to him. It's kinda crazy though.
      Elder Brooks is blessed though! He got here Wednesday afternoon
and since then we've gotten into contact with 4 people that fell off
the map the last few months. For some reason people just started
popping up, opening their doors, or finally answering their phones....
It's ridiculous!
       I also got to give a talk on Sunday and apparently I did good
because I had several members tell me thank you and that it hit the
core.... All I talked about was gratitude and how it can help in life
and even in missionary work....
      But life goes on. Things in good ole Bayonne are going good and
missionary work is moving!

Thank you all for being so supportive, I hope everything is going good
for you and that y'all are having tons of fun!
     Love you guys!
           -Elder Anthony Hicks
  New Jersey Morristown Mission

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