Monday, March 21, 2016

Media Referral Madness

Heeeellllooooo Everybody!
So this week was pretty back and forth as usual. Elder Jess was still
pretty sick on Monday so we had to miss a magnificent Spanish
dinner.... Man do I love Spanish food now.... So that was sad but on
to the title of the email...
      Media Referrals, namely the ones for Bibles are the bane of my
existence though can be funny at times. For those who don't know, a
media referral is someone who in some way ordered a Book of Mormon,
Bible, or church video that the church gives out for free.... And the
genius is that they just have the missionaries deliver it because we
have stockpiles of that stuff sitting in our apartments, and we can
use it as a finding opportunity. Bible referrals are annoying because
most of the time it's just somebody wanting a free bible because
theirs was lost somehow, and they rarely want to talk to us, they just
take the Bible and the shut the door in our face.
      Anyways the story goes... We've been receiving a ton Bible
referrals lately and the usual thing is us trying to figure out what
to say to keep the door open for a second longer. But we had one that
was way out at the end of the peninsula in an area that I'd never been
before in Bayonne. We get up to her apartment and she lets us right
in! Crazy right?! We start talking to her and find out she's an
Inactive member looking to re-activate herself and wants all the
lessons taught to her, and she wants her fiancé to listen in on the
lessons too.
    Other than that we had a cool lesson with a part member family in
which our President explained the Priesthood to the member's husband
right before we gave her a blessing for her first pregnancy.
     Yesterday at church was funny. After everything finished we
walked out side and there was a huge parade for St. Patrick's day
going on. So everyone left from church and just sat in the parking lot
and watched the parade. So that's cool.
      Side note I got my iPad screen fixed...... It's really expensive
and it made me very sad.

Thanks for all of your support, I hope you guys are having fun with
life or at least surviving it.
   Love you all!
           -Elder Anthony Hicks
  New Jersey Morristown Mission

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