Monday, February 1, 2016


This week was pretty great....
Super confusing ridiculousness! We had to get a zone leader and a
district leader down to our area to interview our investigators for
baptism and it got super complicated because of all the exchanges
going on. It was really funny because nobody got there on time so we
had to wing it with a lesson on the Ten Commandments which turned out
to be perfect. The kids loved it and it helped them understand pretty
well. All of the interviews went great! Only downside is that we had
to push back the date for another one of our investigators because of
some issues by he is still super psyched to get baptized!
Another day of contacting and getting juked for appointments... But it
all turned out for the better because we ended up running into one of
our investigators and a less active who are also like my favorite
people in Bayonne, so we had a really fun lesson with them and then
some how ended up talking about if Jesus came when dinosaurs were
around.... It was an interest no conversation to say the least.
Thursday was a work day. We spent most of it in our apartment
cleaning... Then creating baptism programs... And also doing weekly
planning. It was a long busy day but we did get lunch  fed to us by
good ole Brother Weaver so it was all good
Friday was the big day! We had 3 of our investigators getting baptized
so it was kind of hectic running up to Jersey City and filling the
font, then setting everything else up and hoping everyone would show
up on time! But it all worked out in the end. The spirit was powerful!
Our Branch President did the ordinance for all three. It was super
cool and I couldn't help but have a smile on my face the whole time!
Next Sunday we're going to give all three thee Gift of the Holy Ghost
and it's gonna be great.
Saturday was interesting. We got to see our top Investigator Perry and
lay out a plan to help him follow the Word Of Wisdom so that he can
get baptized, and then we ran up the Jersey City to give a Recent
Convert a Blessing because she was about to go to the Emergency Room
so that was crazy. After all that we decided to go contact and door
knock in an area of Bayonne that we had never been before. It was kind
of funny thinking that we have been here for three months but we have
never been on the pat street.
Was totally hectic! It all started with our whole branch presidency
not being there so we set up everything and then the Priesthood
president was going to conduct. And the people who were going to speak
hadn't shown up yet! It was crazy. Luckily everything worked out. The
speakers showed up a little late and our second counselor managed to
make it to conduct. The meeting went well. After that the young
women's president asked us to teach about Missionary work to the
girls... That went terrible. We were not prepared. But it went
smoothly. We spent the rest of the day running around doing service!
We helped a Recent Convert move for 3 hours. Then we got a member and
went and jumped an investigators car! Then we went and talked to
Brother Bohan the disabled veteran that we go and see every Sunday.

Finally the Transfer news......drum roll please...................................................................

I am staying in Bayonne And it is now a Spanglish Area....
 With my new companion Elder Jeffs. Elder Norris is going to Princeton.

So another transfer in Bayonne!!! Which is great because I can keep
working with some of the people that I've met here. But we'll see
about my new companion!
Thanks for everything. All the support and the love helps a ton out
here. Keep being awesome and being the best member missionaries you

This is the Family we helped guide to the waters of Baptism. Michelle
on the Left. Ivan in the middle, and Stephany on the right!

And here is the Awesome Bourdett family who are a ridiculously huge help out here.

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